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Have you exercised today?

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Thanks ladies!!!!


Here's the info: Find a comfortable weight to use, form is more important when working out rather than how much weight you can lift/pull.


Day 1-Upper Boddy


Universal bench press-3 sets of 12

Seated rows (rowing boat)-3 sets of 12

Incline exercise ball flies-3 sets of 10

Assisted chin ups-3 sets of 10


Side lateral raises-3 sets of 10

Tricep pull downs-3 sets of 12

Bicep dumbell curls-3 sets of 12


Day 2-Lower body


Weighted lundges (front/rear/45 degree)-3 sets of 10

Wall sit with exercise ball-1minute-3 sets

Step ups on bench-3 sets of 15 (rapid)

Calve raises-3 sets of 12

Leg extensions-3 sets of 12

Leg curls-3 sets of 12



Monday-day 1

Tuesday-day 2


Thursday-day 1

Friday-day 2


10 minutes of abs Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Evenings, 1/2 hour cardio-4 times per week or on weekends


If you need more info you can probably google to find pictures or youtube to find videos. If any of you ladies need the spreadsheet just pm your email address and I'll send it to you. :)


Good luck ladies!!!

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I lost 4lbs last week! woohoo! My goal is to lose 15-20lbs in two months and one week!

Ive been doing 45mins of either elliptical or treadmill (or both) 5 days a week. Then I do abs, side cruches. I do back muscle exercises like the superman and swimmer. I do weight lunges. I work on my triceps and biceps with 5lb weights. AND I have been eating more often more healthy in less portions.

GL ladies! My first fitting is in two weeks and I want the dress to be a bit loose!

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Originally Posted by tsgnatko View Post
My Bridesmaids and i have a challenge - first one to run 300 miles by my wedding the losers buy the winner a massage at the resort
Fantastic idea! Roughly 30,000 calories will be burned during those 300 miles run. Go girls!

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Hit light weights quickly for 30 minutes (legs, back, chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps) and went to 90-minute bikram yoga. Good start for a Monday!

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