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Have you exercised today?

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does walking up and down the stairs since the elevator is not working count?? Just kidding, I will later on! Down 25lbs since last June... another 25lb and I might just look better than a hollywood bride LOL

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Hey ladies, I thought it might be fun if we posted our motivation and goals for working out. Obviously many will be the wedding dress/photos/wearing a bikini in front of everyone you know and love during your wedding, but I'm curious to know what keeps you motivated and going to the gym.


I'll go first - and I have a few reasons, so I'll list them from short to long term aka most superficial to least


1) Trip to Panama in April with two other couples - I want to look better in a bikini this year than I did last year


2) My brothers wedding in July - I'm in the wedding and the dress is a short cocktail bubble dress, so I want to look fit not frumpy


3) I'm competing in a tri-a-triathlon in May as well as a 5k run - nothing better to keep you going to the gym than a fitness goal that will kick your butt if your not prepared for it


4) Because I actually enjoy exercise, and I've finally made the time since graduating university to make it a priority again.


5) DH and I are planning to start trying for a munchkin in the next year, and I want to be as fit as possible before I get pregnant because I want to be able to continue exercising throughout my pregnancy


6) For lifelong health, I made a promise to myself over 6 months ago to eat clean and exercise as a lifestyle. One of my grandmothers lived to be 90, and my other grandmother is 87 and super active...I want to be 90 and healthy, not 90 and ill.



Go ahead and post your motivation!!!

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