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Have you exercised today?

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Originally Posted by evie View Post
I am sick!! No gym for two days...
If it makes you feel better, I threw out my back last weekend and can barely move, let alone work out :-(

Perhaps this is a cautionary note to you ladies - please don't overtrain!

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I had so much pizza last night and it didn't sit so well. I was nauseous for like 2 hours till I took some pepto, so I rested this morning and didn't work out. Hopefully I'll be hitting the gym up today after work.

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Alright girls, it's been awhile since I've posted here ... and it's not because I've been an inactive slobbish bride, but because I've been trying to work out the perfect plan that will actually work ... and I think I've finally done it!


This is what my weeks have looked like for the past month:


Sunday (Back/Bis):

Deadlift 4x6

Bent rows 4x6

Shoulder Press 3x8

Skipping 15 mins


Monday: Yoga 1.5hrs


Tuesday (Legs):

Squats 4x6

Lunges 3x10

Good mornings 3x10

Calf raises 3x15

Skipping 15 mins


Wednesday: Power Yoga 1hr


Thursday (Chest/triceps):

Bench press 4x6

Incline bench press 3x8

DB flyes 3x8

skullcrushers 3x8

Skipping 15 mins


Friday: Off



Spinning 1hr


Besides the exercising, I've also been keeping a daily caloric intake of under 1,600 and I stopped eating meat about a month ago as well which has made a HUGE difference. (I never really liked it to begin with so it wasn't hard to give up! Though I still eat eggs and fish for protein and nutrients and I take a B12 supplement daily to compensate for no red meat).


After 1 week of the calorie-watching, weight-lifting and yoga I lost 3lbs. I haven't weighed myself since ... and that was about 3 weeks ago. I'll be seeing my nutritionist this weekend (she's the one who suggested the calorie watch) and I'll let you girls know how it goes weight-wise as she has to weigh me to watch my progress! :)


You girls are awesome though - keep up the hard work!!! It's worth it!!!!!!


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Alright, I haven't posted on here in a while because I have been a lazy post-bride! I haven't been to the gym since I became a Mrs! Yes that would be 6 solid weeks of inactivty....until today. I always dread going back after I take some time off b/c I know its going to hurt and I'm going to hate myself for taking a break.....but in the end I know that I will be better for it.


So today I started off with an hour of pilates...Friday is bodypump and Saturday will be spin....only 1 month till the AHR and I need to fit into my dress again! Wish me luck!

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Went to step aerobics at lunch and broke a huge sweat! I started phase 1 of the South Beach Diet over a week ago and hoping to see some results by this Sunday.

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