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Any one have any great places they have been on vacation that they would recomend


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So I havent even had my wedding yet and I'm allready trying to plan my next vacation. Probably not a smart idea But!


we are looking for a cheaper vacation location to go to next winter probably during prime season of January or February. I was thinking about maybe Punta Cana, or the Riveira Maya.


Anyone have any recomendations on location and or resorts?


My criteria


January or February

All Inclusive



East Coast locations only please (less travel time and cheaper for us)

At least a 3 star would prefer a 4 if its affordable enough

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Jackie - we went to Paradisus Palma Real last year in Punta Cana, D.R. It was really affordable and is really nice. the beaches are awesome! there are a lot of girls on here getting married there so i am sure there are tons of pics and other info. if you want more info PM me and i will give you some details! :)

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The Royal in Playa del Carmen is definitely on my list of favorite hotels. Great romantic get away spot. AMAZING rooms and you literally walk out the front door and you're in downtown PDC. It is AI and I believe you get to use the facilities next door at their sister hotel. The Japanese restaurant at The Royal is fantastic! You can easily eat very yummy $100 meals on this AI plan.


*Edit* only thing is it might be too expensive but definitely worth the extra splurge!

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Yeah, I was going to say Moon Palace...we loved it there and IMO it's fairly cost efficient. Lots of food options. BUT...their section of beach isn't the best...well, the beach is nice, the water is really sea-weedy or something. BUT that being said, I like the Palace Resorts in general...and they have two in Playa...def. check it out!


We're considering Aventura Spa Palace for our next trip.

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