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Riu Videography Services

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Originally Posted by KimmyKatBride View Post
YES! Please share! We have to have our wedding videotaped as we plan to play it at our party when we get back for everyone who wasn't able to make the wedding! I've been wondering about cost and quality!
Here are the prices for videography:
Time included: 45 min *
* starts at scheduled time, delay in appearance is subtracted from package time
Costs: US$ 300
Needs to be arranged prior to wedding in the PHOTOSHOP
Availability given up to 48 hrs before ceremony

Items included:
1. professional videographer with professional equipment
2. DVD completely edited within 48 hrs after wedding ceremony
3. own songs (max.up to 3) possible on your DVD
(music songs have to be available in mp3-Format available at wedding)
4.Length of DVD / Video approx. 20-25 min
5. Cost-free rental of DVD player to watch DVD in your room

Extra Copy: US$ 25 each copy

Extra hours: (Need to be taken in a row)
1 extra hour US$ 95/hour
2-3 extra hrs (1 free extra copy) US$ 85/hour
4-6 extra hrs (2 free extra copies) US$ 75/hour
Full day (8 hours) US$ 570

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Thanks Mo!! So would i still have to pay Michael, or should I go thorugh Chandlyn? If I don't use Michael's photography, but do elect to purchase the video, will the other guy just show up, or will Michael be there. I'm glad that you liked the DVD. I will probably get one too!

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Originally Posted by MoWife View Post
Michael doesn't do the video. That is separate. A guy from off the resort comes in to do it. It needs to be paid for up front. I got my DVD the day after the wedding. They mic the groom so you can hear the vows (just remember the mic is there and picks up things you may have only meant for the groom to hear). It was professionally edited. I was happy with it. There were 2 things I didn't like: 1. they add music to the video in editing so I couldn't hear the steel drums we hired to play. 2. the graphics they add to the video are a bit cheesy. But overall I was glad I got it and my family that couldn't make it to Jamaica were glad I got it too.
Thanks for the info Mo, the video you got made, I know he tapes the actual ceromony, but whats in the video before and after the vows? Does he start the video as you walk down the asile? or does he start with other footage, ie: coming from your room? After the vows are taped, does he follow Michael around and take video of picture taking? Just not sure how the video gets to be 25 mins, if the vows dont take that long
I want to get a video made just unsure of what to expect and also I read somewhere you can add your own music in mp3 format, did you do this? Thank you so much Mo, you're a wealth of information :)

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