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Just came up with great OOT bad item & ordered right away...pics

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i was reading the post on oot item and loved the one about giving posted notes and pens so guest could leave notes on each other doors then it hit me back in college we all had dry erase boards on our dorm room doors how cool would that be if all the guest had one so we all could keep intouch so i did a little searching and ofcourse found a great deal on OTC a dozen for $9.95 how could you go wrongClick the image to open in full size.


so i ordered them and think that our guest will love them and they wioll be fun also, and i thinks these are great since they dont have to be glued or taped to the door so the hotel should have no problem with them


hope some of you girls like this idea and can use it for your oot bags

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Very cute! Might want to attach the pen to the door hangar as well if you want people to be able to leave you notes as well.


Just a word of caution -- be careful about leaving detailed info about how long you will be gone for -- it's an invitation for thieves.

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