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So What do you do for a living?

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#91 Maura


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Posted 20 February 2008 - 01:05 AM

i'm a journalist at an international business trade magazine. on any given day i am in touch with dozens of CEOs, presidents, CMOs etc of large companies in the industry i cover. sounds important but sometimes they can really be a pain in my butt haha. i also manage all our databases (currently access but moving to SQL later this year) that our magazine uses to run data driven rankings, special reports, and data analytics for the industry. its a great job and i am the youngest editor at my publication.

i do have one really pesky coworker that i cannot stand who thinks she's my boss when our boss is not around, and i totally put her in her place today which felt so great!

#92 Mandy

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    Posted 20 February 2008 - 01:17 AM

    I'm a PA (Physician Assistant) in neurosurgery. I split my time between clinic and surgery. We do more spine than brain surgery (My doc says the brain stuff takes too long! He likes to get in and out and home to his wife and new baby.).

    #93 tvt

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      Posted 20 February 2008 - 01:53 AM

      i'm still the same "thing" from the last - event planner - but now do it on a whole different level. No more planning corporate meetings and trainings. Now I get to plan all of the decor, activities, entertainment, etc for the people that plan the technical parts pretty sweet transition if i may say so myself

      #94 DreaW

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        Posted 20 February 2008 - 02:04 AM

        I'm a substitute teacher hoping to get a full teaching job but now after my day I'm heading straight to my local college and def. signing up for classes so I can be a nurse....would like to to work with newborn and children.

        #95 gkashmira

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          Posted 20 February 2008 - 03:01 AM

          Drea - you're so loving and caring I think you'd make a wonderful nurse! Of course i think you are probably making a wonderful teacher too!
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          #96 amandalovesryan

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            Posted 20 February 2008 - 04:44 AM

            Originally Posted by berliewed08
            I'm a Speech Pathologist. For the past year I've worked in a local hospital. I work primarly with adult patients with swallowing and langauge problems cause by brain injury/stroke. But before that I worked in homes and schools with children with disabilities. I want to open my own Late Night Dessert Cafe, I'll even do a few wedding cakes.
            Reading some of everyone's jobs makes me feel like I'm reading my resume, much of our careers have a lot in common. it's cool.
            (my FH is an IT Consultant)
            I work at TLh, where do you work?
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              Posted 20 February 2008 - 05:06 AM

              Originally Posted by MikkiStreak
              Don't go avaya. Company history has become really unstable in the last 10 years. If you guys ever do look into replacing the system, let me know. I've worked with about 10 different manufacturers and know the strengths/weaknesses of almost every system out there. Plus, I worked with a ton of vendors in your area and can recommend a company who will give phenomenal support after the install is done. :)
              Thanks Maria...I wish you worked here :o(

              #98 S2BLennon

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                Posted 20 February 2008 - 08:20 AM

                Originally Posted by lucy106
                I am a police officer with specialties as a crime scene technician and a field training officer (show the new guys/gals the ropes)
                Such a cool job!

                #99 S2BLennon

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                  Posted 20 February 2008 - 08:26 AM

                  Originally Posted by gkashmira
                  I am a television producer on a show for Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
                  So much fun, I always wanted to submit to be on a show like that and have something done to my house. Its so interesting to see what they can do!

                  *Wow we have a LOT of people in the medical field! Everyone helping others!

                  #100 WSUgal

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                    Posted 20 February 2008 - 08:32 AM

                    Originally Posted by jean-marcus
                    there arent enough of those.. must be challening but rewarding all at the same time.... i have a friend who does the same thing and its not easy
                    Thanks for the love! I used to work in retail for 9 years (4.5 as part-time and 4.5 as mgmt) and that life was so unfullfilling. So, being a teacher is so much more rewarding. The school in which I teach has parents who don't value education and lack financial stability. I truly believe that most of our students come to school because it is the only place that they get genuine love from the teachers. Our staff is amazing! The pay isn't all that great, but I am definitely rewarded when I see my students learning!

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