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We ordered from C&P late last week, 100 of the tiffany blue metallic pocketfolds should be arriving any day now! I got the sample first, and it was perfect so we ordererd that very night. It's a mother/daughter team, and they are so nice. The ones I picked were $1.50 each, but compared to the Envelopments that we were going to get, we ended up saving $100, for almost the exact same product. The flap and pocket from C&P is a bit smaller, but no one but me will notice. The color is almost exact to the caspian from Envelopments. So excited to get these!

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i just got the rest of my paper in from paper source and it goes so well with the bronze pocketfolds- i'm sooooo excited!!!


lookatme.gif btw- this is the weirdest smiley!

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