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Newbie from St. Thomas, USVI!


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Hi everyone!

To fill you in on who I am and what I do, here goes!

I am a wedding coordinator for a company named "Weddings the Island Way" here in STT. I do not work in our office, I work only when I am needed. I truly love working for this company and am very proud of the product that they put out as well as the professional service! I have had opportunity to work for other companies, and have turned them down for lack of quality service. WTIW have several packages available and will make your day exactly what you've dreamed of! You can personalized your package choice or plan something entirely differant! Anything goes!

I have been with WTIW for a little over 9 years now and have done well over 1000 weddings! And I'm not in the office!!! lol! I love keeping in contact with those who would like to do so and I enjoy hearing how "married" life is treating you! They can be found at: Destination island weddings on St Thomas and USVI


I also have other jobs. One of which is managing 2 short-term villas in STT. One is named Rockworks and the other Stone Cottage! We get a LOT of honey mooners and I have even done weddings for my guests as well! I love managing the villas and meeting the people who stay there! With this job comes being a greeter, not only for the 2 villas I manage, but for approx. 50 other villas for our management company who does our bookings! The name of this company is: Mclaughlin Anderson Luxury Vacation Villas and they can be found at: Caribbean Villas: Caribbean Villa Rentals by McLaughlin Anderson Villas Virgin Islands

As a greeter, I will meet you at the airport, you get your rental vehicle, and then you follow me to your villa of choice. I use walkie-talkies to tell you all kinds of information on our way to the villa, such as location of restaraunts, shopping, groceries, things to do, places to go! Once we arrive at the villa, we do a walk thru and then I will go over the STT map with you to give you a perspective of where things are that we didn't see on our way TO the villa!

Then you are on your own to enjoy, and relax in your own house and pool with no interuptions from anyone else!

After these 3 jobs, I sometimes fill in my extra time with doing construction jobs with my sweety as he is a contractor! I have learned a lot doing this and can do anything from tiling to pouring concrete!!!! Even this I enjoy, tho it is labor intensive to say the least!!!! lol!


Most of all, I enjoy being helpful to those who choose to come and stay here in STT, no matter where you stay or what wedding company you choose! I want you to have a wonderful, positive experiance while here!


Congratualations to all of you future brides!



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Originally Posted by Nic Dragomire View Post
welcome Sherri, this board is full of the coolest brides in the world. ~ seriously

and i also second the welcome part.. this website is so beneficial for not just brides but vendors as well. always nice to network and bs with others in your line of work... enjoy the site :)
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