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Dreams PC Arch Rental??

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Hi there, does anyone know if it is possible to rent a wedding arch at Dreams PC?? Or even if there is an off-site company that could supply one?? I would really like to have one, but can't seem to find much info on getting them in the DR!! I have seen some gorgeous pics on this forum of how other brides have decorated theirs with shells and flowers and flowing fabric, and I would love to do the same, but I don't think I can DIY the actual arch?? Can anyone help?? Thanks a ton!

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The arches are provided by the resort -- for a fee (usually starting at $200).


Your WC should be able to send pics of different options .. or you should be able to pick once you arrive at the resort.


If you found some pics you like, email them to your WC and ask how much something similar would cost.

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Ok, I know I'm replying to my own post, but I just got the answer to this question from the WC at Dreams PC! They do have a canopy available for rental, the cost is $250 plus %20 for set up and tax. I am going to attempt to attach a picture, but this will be my first time!! Bear with me!


Click the image to open in full size.

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UMMMM.. So you have to pay the $300 charge to have the cermony on the beach and then another $200 for the arch to be set uphuh.gif For a 10 min cermony...


I am getting married on the beach at dreams and didn't know that the arch was not inluded... I am so bummed if this is the case!



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