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Dreams Tulum Wedding Form

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I just cleaned out my junk e-mail and found I had two emails from Sandra Casillas (wedding coordinator at Dreams Tulum). It's a mass email to what looks like all May Weddings, she appearantly wants the wedding planning form filled out and sent to back by tomorrow. Did anyone else get this mass email?? I've already filled it out and sent to Landy, so not sure why they need it again. Hmm...also I'm a little ticked about the whole mass email thing. Not sure why, but possibly because it makes me feel like I'm just one out of a bus-load of tourists getting married at the Dream wedding factory. Or maybe it's the fact that now everyone else getting married there in May has my email...

Okay, sorry about the rantblah.gif, I'm better now...it's just all coming up so fast and her email is a reminder of all I still have to decide and do.

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I got my mass email like a week ago and I'm getting married in April.


Yes it's weird that they include everyone's email addresses. I took advantage of it to email everyone to see if anyone would be there at the same time as me, and to tell them to come check out this site! I hope nobody was too annoyed about that, lots of people replied sounding happy though.

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Hey guys - my FI and I are planning a Dreams site visit in late April of this year - planning on getting married in April of '09...how soon in advance did you reserve your date? I had nightmares last night about a disaster wedding...I was so unprepared...I think I am thinking into this WAY too much! :)

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I only reserved my date this january for this april, and I asked about 3 different days and they were all available at the exact times I wanted! So maybe I was lucky. In any event, unless you have your heart set on a specific date, I'm sure it can wait till after your site visit.

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