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Wedding night lingerie

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Yea, my guy isn't big into lingerie either (he also just loves me in the pjs), but then again I never do this kind of thing for him, so I think he'll be surprised - in a good way, lol!


Guys are such visual creatures and he sees me in my pjs all the time, so I thought I'd change it up for that week. Spice things up a bit.


It's like for me, I don't care much for receiving flowers or gifts from him (I know he loves me so much and I don't need gifts to show it), but on the rare occasions he comes home with flowers, I am on cloud 9! So I think this will be the same for him. I wanna do something a little 'extra' for him. Start our marriage off with a bang, so to speak, no pun intended, lol!


So I'm going to hide all the goods from him, maybe get a friend to pack it up for me in her suitcase, so he has no idea. I think our suite comes with a CD player, so I'll pack some good music too.


Even if we're too tired on wedding night to do anything, we'll have the whole week! Can't wait!

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oh man i feel like a peeping tom being in this thread... but i just gotta say.. is there even such a thing as "BAD LINGERIE" ?? NOPE hahaha. its probably the most money spent on the least amount of fabric for something worn for such a short period of time HAHAHA...


GOD BLESS the inventor of lingerie :)

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