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Newbie -- Los Cabos wedding

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Originally Posted by JPMO View Post
Knowing what I know now I wouldn't have hired a coordinator. Yes I have event planning experience, yes I actually enjoy this but a day of coordiantor is all you need... that's not even a must.

Baja is the most expensive of all coordinators, I am usung Sunset Weddings. They are ok thus far but not a true planner if you ask me. I will be more than happy to help you as well as the other brides. There is so much info here you can do it yourself... most people speak English there so it's not as intimidating.
I agree with Janetta, you can find so much info yourself ecspecially regarding Cabo and even more so regarding Dreams Cabo. In my opinion hiring a WC for anything more than day of might be a waste of money. Day of might be a good idea just so that you can relax and concentrate on being a bride not a planner on your wedding day.

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