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Just who creates these smilies?

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Really! Who does?

Some of them are great! stfu.gifshitfan.gifS&M.gifvoodoo.gifgirl_werewolf.gif

Some, I can't wait to use. S&M.gifRTFM.gifpokestick.gif

And, some I don't seem to get....

Who's Jerry? jerry.gif

And once in awhile I see one posted that doesn't show in the smile list. Where do these come from?


Love the smilies!



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Yeah, they are great!


If you see some that aren't on the BDW list of smileys, some people get them from myspace, I search on photobucket when I use something different. SO you can get them from lots of places.... Tammy (host) just updated the smileys like a week or so ago though, so there are some pretty cool ones on there now.

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Originally Posted by amandalovesryan View Post
okay, i was thinking that Jerry meant that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry, Elaine, and George's Fiancee go to the movies and George goes up and down the aisles yelling "I know you are in here. You are killing independent George." Springer makes much more sense. LOL
I love that episode!!!
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