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wedding ceremony details

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The judge we work with, usually gives bride and groom some time to do their personal vows. Usually there is no space to do readings etc in the actual ceremony. This is due to the fact that her calendar books up quickly and many times she has to leave right after the ceremony. When this is the case, we usually suggest to do the readings right after the actual ceremony. I would suggest you to check with your WC if the judge would allow you to incorporate the readings into the ceremony.


I hope this information helps!


Good luck.

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We decided against a legal ceremony. Someone warned me that if you were legally married in Mexico, god forbid you should get a divorce, your husband could take you to court in Mexico and divorce you in Mexico as well. I don't know whether there is any truth behind it, but it sure made the legal requirements for a Mexico wedding less appealing.

We had a beautiful mayan ceremony performed by a local shaman. We then had our friend become a legal officiant in the US. At the point in the ceremony where we exchanged vows, our friend took over, gave a nice introduction, we said our vows and then he pronounced us man and wife. It was a lovely ceremony and he signed all of our paperwork to legally marry us.

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