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I did this as a slideshow that I plan on deleting in a little while so look quick!


This is the book that I made for my sweetie to give him on our wedding day. I had it sent to my sister house and almost smacked her when she walked into our house the other day with the book clearly in her hand, not stuffed in a bag! Thank God Chris still has no clue! I hope!


I made it and ordered it from Blurb.com

Some of the photos are blurred due to the fact that I had about 30 minutes to take the pictures and get them loaded. I didn't take pictures of all that pages...just a sampling!


It is hard to read but the shoe says "For Chris' eyes only" I did it in photoshop.


Click the image to open in full size.

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You look great Stephanie! He's going to love it. I really like the cover.

Do a lot of guys know about the BD book? I didn't ask my Fi b/c I don't want him to think about it just in case I decide to join you girls who did.

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