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99% sure on St. Lucia


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Hi ladies! I'm pretty new to this whole thing so wanted to say hello and see if there is anyone else planning a St. Lucia wedding. I'd love any tips/advice anyone has to offer.


St. Lucia looks beautiful and seems like there are so many fun things to do (...excited to zipline through the rainforest). My only concerns are the beaches and resorts. I definitely want to get married on the beach but I hear the beach areas aren't as great. Also, with the resorts, none have really stuck out as being special and the reviews on tripadvisor don't seem all that great. Has anyone been there and have any opinions on the matter, particularly Windjammer??


Well, looking forward to meeting you all and beginning the planning! Thanks for looking at my post and helping me out!!



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My friend was married in st lucia. It was just her & her husband on that trip. I think the main thing to consider with st. lucia is the costs to guests. If you guests can afford it, then do it. I know if can be pretty expensive. Being that you are in florida though it might make flights much mroe affordable. Florida has it so great when it comes to flying!



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Welcome to the forum !


I'd love to be able to assist you in finding a great resort for your DW!


Are you having children at the wedding or adults only? Approximately how many guests?


St. Lucia has some fantastic beaches and some not so great- but you'll find that on almost every Caribbean island and Riviera Maya also! The island itself is amazing!


Feel free to Pm me if you'd like my help!


TA Jennifer

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Hi! welcome!

St Lucia looks like a great choice! It was 1 of my top choices, but it wasn't appropriate for us, because flying would have been a hassal - but obviously not a problem for you!


My girlfriend just had her honeymoon at St Lucia at the sandals resort. She just loved it. the only bad thing she said about the resort is that some of the rooms are a little worn. however they are also building/renovating the rooms.


that's all I know - so good luck choosing!

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