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Which dress do you like better?

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Wow, I was suprised to see so many responses so fast!!


So... I really like them both, but the $ thing keeps popping up. Dress 2 - the Adele dress - is 2900 bucks! Over twice the cost of the Watters dress which is 1200....



however, my mom and dad are buying my dress, and they said i should pick which ever one I like best, not considering the money. But it's really hard to push that aside!!!

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I would love to try them both and get pics for you, but the only dress I can try on and get a picture of is the Adele dress... which I'll try to do this week.


But the Watters dress I can only find in MN... so I'd have to fly back to try it on...


Stupid me and not brining a camera with me to the shops!

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