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#2451 JENISE

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    Posted 09 May 2010 - 12:36 AM

    Hey Cristine,

    Just popping my head in cause I was thinking about you and your BD shoot today. I really hope everything went well. I expect a full report on Monday. LOL.

    Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day ladies!!!!

    #2452 nsbride2010

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      Posted 09 May 2010 - 08:44 PM

      Hey ladies, I have a question! I can't remember who mentioned this (I think it was Erin or Tam) but someone mentioned using gorilla epoxy to seal the top of their sand ceremony vase. We have an opening on ours of about 2 1/2 inches diameter... could we use this to seal it? Or could someone suggest something else?
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      #2453 cristinimartini

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        Posted 10 May 2010 - 08:17 AM

        Jenise!!!! O M G!!!!!! What an AMAZING, AMAZING time I had!!!!!!!!! I can't even describe to you how awesome it was. Jen was incredible!! Oksana made me look like me but just as a movie star! When I sat down to look at the photos, I thought she had somehow quickly edited them because they looked perfect AS IS! Shocking to say the least because I am FAR from perfect. I swear, you and Eliana (and every other woman on this board) NEED to do this and DESERVE to do this. I wasn't even nervous because Jen makes it impossible to be scared or timid.

        I can't wait to the photos so I can show everyone (and that's NOT a statment I would make about any other picture!)!!! I should have them sometime this week since she's going to get them to me before we leave (in 9 days!)...

        #2454 Vintage Bride

        Vintage Bride
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          Posted 10 May 2010 - 08:18 AM

          Originally Posted by cristinimartini
          Hi Jackie!!

          We originally were set on the beach, but after I realized how many "unwanted" guests I'd be having, we opted for the more private gazebo. Once we made that decision, I felt like everyone who I was working with was happier with it! Our photograhper shot a DW down there before and said the gazebo was MUCH nicer, and even our WC said she prefers the gazebo over the beach. If those aren't two opinions I'd trust, I don't know who else I'd have to ask!

          We're having the fire dancers and a "dessert hour" instead of a cocktail hour on the beach after our dinner...so we'll still get to feel the sand between our toes, just not when it's so freakin' hot! LOL...

          Good luck with your decision, and welcome!!!
          Hi Cristinimartini,

          Still in the planning stages of our wedding set for April 2011, but had never heard of fire dancers. What exactly do they do, and how much extra for this type of show?

          Actually it seems like there are lots of little extras that I didnt even know were available. If you ladies want to post if you have added anything extra and different from the packages and regular add ons! I would be interested to know what else we can do to entertain our guests and make our wedding day more spectacular, but still at a decent price!

          Thanks Cindy (a.k.a. Vintage Bride)

          #2455 cristinimartini

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            Posted 10 May 2010 - 09:16 AM

            Hi Cindy!! Welcome :-)

            There are soooo many things you're going to say "I had no idea" about after finding this forum. I had helped my friend "plan" her DW three years ago and all we did was go through some pictures and check off boxes on a piece of paper. I expected to do that...then I found this place. (I also never got the same paperwork she did, but we're staying at their sister resort for our DW, so they probably do things differently anyway)

            I'm sure you've read this before (http://www.amresorts....ding-guide.pdf) but it's the DPC wedding guide. On page 10 is the "wedding extras" section which lists the dancers as a "Fire Show". They basically come in costume (think belly dancer costumes) and dance around with fire. Every show I'm sure is different, but I'll certainly let people know what happens at ours!! The show itself is about 10 minutes long from what I'm told. It's a pretty penny to pay for 10 minutes, but I think there are 3-5 dancers, so it gets spread around.

            The "dessert hour" I know is something they've never done before because the WC had to get permission to see if they could do it. But I, too, would like to hear about all the little extras we might otherwise not get to know about until it's too late!

            9 days until we leave!!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!

            #2456 JackieandTim

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              Posted 10 May 2010 - 11:54 AM

              The last time I emailed Carolina was a few weeks ago. Her assistant emailed me back saying that Carolina was on maternity leave. Her assistant answered my questions perfectly. She answered from Carolina's email too.

              #2457 Eliana

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                Posted 10 May 2010 - 12:06 PM

                Originally Posted by JackieandTim
                The last time I emailed Carolina was a few weeks ago. Her assistant emailed me back saying that Carolina was on maternity leave. Her assistant answered my questions perfectly. She answered from Carolina's email too.
                Oh Thank you Jackie! That's good to know! I didn't even tried to contact her knowing she just had the baby...
                Carolina has been great to work with for me! she answered all my question and never said no to anything so far! lol

                #2458 ebredhawk

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                  Posted 10 May 2010 - 02:53 PM

                  nat, you'll be just fine if you use the gorilla glue epoxy (or any other epoxy) to seal it. we made sure to pound on the vase so the sand really settled. we filled in the top of it and continued to settle it until it was pretty full. once we put the epoxy in it took forever to dry (darn humidity) but the vase was in one of our checked bags on the way home and it didn't look like a single grain of sand moved!

                  #2459 nsbride2010

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                    Posted 10 May 2010 - 05:45 PM

                    so We would just fill it up to where we want it and then put the epoxy right on it? I will get a picture of our vase and tell me what you think we should do... hahaha
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                    #2460 lrdavis23

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                      Posted 10 May 2010 - 08:04 PM

                      Hey ladies, I feel like I miss soo much we I don't post for a couple days lol... welcome to the forum to all the new ladies ! How is everyone ?

                      I have been super busy for the last 2 weeks and had finalized alot of my DIY things to print, and you guys will not believe what happen to me today, everything I saved and completed on my thumb drive got corupted and I lost everything I did, and now I have to start all over again. all my emails, guest list, invitations, programs, table cards, menu cards, inspirational picutures, everything. the only thing I was able to save was my pre travel packets and thats because I already printed those out and saved them on my work computer. so word of advice ladies save everything in 2 places lol......

                      other than that, my original update was going to be pics and post of everything I did lol... welllllllll guess I have to post that later. surprisingly I'm pretty calm I guess its because at least I know what I designed and I don't have to figure that part out again. sooo tonight I will be working my butt off getting everything back
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