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Dreams Punta Cana Brides

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#2371 Tam

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    Posted 26 April 2010 - 11:00 PM

    I'm baaack.
    You crazy girls!! I got married 3 months ago!!! I wish I was away right now again.. and not trying to do my taxes! I hate this time of the year!

    #2372 Eliana

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      Posted 27 April 2010 - 07:35 AM

      good morning girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today is my immigration interview, if I pass I will become a US Citizen and I'm so nervous!!!!!!!
      Tam I think we are going crazy here... hihihihihi... was it Erin's wedding day then? lol
      Girls have a great day!!!!!

      #2373 cristinimartini

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        Posted 27 April 2010 - 07:54 AM

        Jenise- Congrats on the purchase!!!! I know that fun feeling for sure!! But I didn't have to wait to wear mine since we did our legal ceremony less than 12 hours after we actually bought the rings hehehe...Since FI lost his job (as you know) I told him that I don't need the matching wedding band to my e-ring right now. Having the one we bought spur of the moment for our crazy wedding ceremony is awesome enough and he can buy the 2nd wedding band for our 1-year anniversary. He's super sad about it, but I'm not. I'd rather not put us in a bad situation financially over wearing another sparkly ring. We decided that we're not going to wear our wedding bands after we send them out to be polished until our ceremony. I've never actually worn my e-ring without my wedding ring since we had sent it out for sizing and didn't get it back until AFTER we were already married!
        I think the next 4 months are going to fly by for you!!!! Pretty soon you'll be pulling it out and crossing it off your check list of things to pack!! I can't believe how soon I leave. 22 days until we're on the plane! OMG!! Have you figured out what you guys are doing about the Continental flights? Are you leaving from Newark or JFK...

        Eliana- What a thrill for you!!! How exciting!! Please keep us posted on what happens! We'll have a really great reason (other than the weddings) to celebrate at Jose Tejas' in June! YAY!!!!!

        Thanks for all the help with my questions ladies! I'm hoping that I can figure out this photobucket thing so I can post a planning thread, even though I'm not really planning much. I get my dress on May 14th and leave on the 19th, so it'll be close but I hope to have pics of that, centerpieces and favors at least. I'm not bringing a lot with me, but I thought I'd share with the group what I can!

        #2374 nsbride2010

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          Posted 27 April 2010 - 08:06 AM

          YES, It is ERIN'S wedding... bahahahaha we are funny!

          We are making strides too, I have started working on my planning thread a little and I have B's ring almost completely paid for :) My dress fitting is in 2 weeks, and it needs to be taken in A LOT We got so much accomplished early that we don't have very much left to do... crazy, huh?! :)
          Enjoying marital bliss since July 1st, 2010

          #2375 lrdavis23

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            Posted 27 April 2010 - 09:44 AM

            Originally Posted by JENISE
            OMG! I almost forgot to share my awesome news with you beautiful ladies.......
            Me and my FI went and bought our wedding bands on Saturday. It's really like the gift and the curse because it was so fun and exciting and we both LOVE our bands BUT now I have to wait 4 months before I can actually wear it!

            Anyone else making stride? Busy bees I'm sure we are.

            Cristine, you've only got another month. YAH! :)
            and then Toya will be off before she knows it and then Nat and then Misty and then Me and then..........and so on and so on.....summer weddings, HERE WE COME! lol
            hahaaaa Jenise I know the feeling we got our e-rings, wedding bands all together and I've been wanting to wear my set ever since last Feb 09 lol....

            and yes how exciting its started with us waiting for Tam's and Jocy's January weddings now Erin gets married tomorrow, then christine and like you said so on and so on before you know it all of us will be done with wedding planning lol......
            Married June 18, 2010 @ Dreams Punta Cana

            #2376 JENISE

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              Posted 27 April 2010 - 09:58 AM

              Oops Tam---the wedding planning must have really gotten to us. Oh well. CONGRATS AGAIN! lol

              Eliana, best of luck-we can cheers with a Tequila shot in June

              Cristine-we decided to do first class connecting flights from Newark. I eventually had to tell him my secret plan cause I wanted him to make the call about what to do. Hopefully connecting isn't TOO bad. I've only done it once and it went really smoothly. Hopefully it happens this way again.

              Toya-since last FEB? Oh no! I'd seriously be dying right now. Lol.

              Nat-that's a good things your dress has to be taken in. It means weight loss and what girl doesn't love that. LOL. Can I tell you a funny story......everytime I see your siggy pick, I think of you as just having one a pageant and you and your FI on a float. That's exactly what it looks like to me with the "sash" and the "confetti" in the background. Look again! Anyone else agree or am I just crazy everytime I look at it. LMAO

              #2377 nsbride2010

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                Posted 27 April 2010 - 11:03 AM

                hahahah! you do realize its my university grad, and a fountain in the background though, right? I agree it does look like that!
                Enjoying marital bliss since July 1st, 2010

                #2378 cath_the_waf

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                  Posted 27 April 2010 - 11:51 AM

                  Hello ladies,
                  Finally returned 4 days late due to the volcano. Was nice to be stuck for those extra days eating, drinking and enjoying the weather.

                  We got married on 15th April. What can I say.....you plan and plan but sometimes mother nature takes over. All day the sun shon until 4.30pm then it rained, and rained!!! My 5pm wedding in the gazebo ended up being 5.45pm near Himitzu under cover. Disappointing but what can you do other than enjoy the rest of the day. It did stop raining shortly after so we managed to get out down to the beach for photos but it's sad when you see the gazebo and dream of marrying there. Our reception was moved from the Borrdoex terrace to Tiame?? (can't remember spelling) room which worked out better for us, although it was a bit hot inside, it was nice and private with plenty of room for the kids to run around.

                  All in all it was a nice day and the hotel & rooms are beautiful!


                  #2379 cath_the_waf

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                    Posted 27 April 2010 - 11:53 AM

                    Forgot to say.....we used Michael Weiler for photos and video. Pictures are fantastic and the dvd is wonderful. Would recommend him the everyone, money well spent.

                    #2380 Eliana

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                      Posted 27 April 2010 - 06:27 PM

                      girls I'M A US CITIZEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!

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