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ashley, that's such a tough call. i agree that it's completely personal and you should do what makes YOU the happiest. of course that means if you won't be happy if your family isn't, then there are some other things to think about. also, if you go ahead and do it, be careful with your next steps. if you decide to chang your name before you leave for PC, make sure your passport and plane ticket are all under the same name, otherwise it causes big ole issues.


let us know what you end up deciding. either way, you'll end up married to your FI, and that's the most important thing!

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Hi Ladies!


I am Katie and I will be getting married @ DPC January 22, 2010. I am so excited and overwhelmed there is so much to do:)


Tam your wedding date is only 2 days before mine and you live in T.O, I live in Guelph we should chat.


I look forward to chatting with you ladies.

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Hey Ladies! I got my official confirmation for our wedding from Deyanira, for 8/9/10 at 5:30pm sunset!!! I'm so excited....now I need to go cancel the other reservation with Dreams Palm Beach, lol.

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Originally Posted by xxashleyxx007 View Post
Toya - Thanks for the info! I wasn't sure they would be able to accommodate the type of cake we want. You are awesome!

Well we've been together for 3 1/2 years, engaged for 2 1/2 and so he just said to me yesterday "I'm tired of waiting". He's right, we're exhausted LOL. I mean I will marry him today, tomorrow, in a year, or in 5 years. Makes no difference to me, I will still love him if we can't get married until we're however old. He said that getting married on the same date, just a year before would not only be less complicated because of all of the paper work, but it will save us about $1000 (he researched it and everything!). Now with that said, it's really appealing and what not... but at the same time I know that our parents dislike the fact that they wont be here if we do that. I just don't know what to do now!!!!!!

It feels like it's always about everyone else and pleasing them or accommodating them. However, I feel like this is one decision I can't make without my parents in particular being behind us, because everyone will be paying all this money to watch us "get married" (although really who goes to a wedding to watch someone sign the marriage certificate?!) and if we get married now it's like a waste of their money (does that make sense?)

So I'm torn. I have to make up my mind in like 3 weeks (otherwise we loose the Oct. 15th significance) and right now I have no idea where to start. He really wants to do it so he's left it "in my hands now".

Sorry for the thread hijack.
Awww Ash, I know how you feel hon and you have to do what will make both of you happy in the end, I too had to make a decision that went against what my mom wanted and in the end I felt batter after me an Mike decied to do what would be best for us in the long run and now everyone is happy. So I say you all talk about it some more and decide what make you and your FI happy, our parents have to sometimes understand that it is not about what they want or what they think is best. I know its tough but I'm sure you too will make a great decision. xoxoxo

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