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Originally Posted by JackieandTim View Post

Hi girls! I'm leaving today for my wedding on Saturday!!! I'll report back with as much information as possible upon my return!!!!! WOOOO hOOOOOOO cant wait to get there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jackie -- have a wonderful time!  Enjoy the warm sun and your wedding!!!!

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Jennifer, Thanks for the info & sharing your pics! You were such a gorgeous bride! Congrats!


Jackie - Soo exciting have fun!!


I'm getting excited so many of you girls have your dates coming up so quick! 3 more month for me :)

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Originally Posted by cogswellgray View Post

hey ladies! im back!

I came home on Thursday and my wedding was Oct 22. Everything was perfect! I can honestly look back on the wedding day and not take back or wish it was different in any way. I'm not really going to do a review, I'm just going to share with you guys some information you might find useful.


When we arrived, I had a messege on my voicemail in the room from Deyanira telling me my appt with her was the next day (which i found convenient that i didnt have to call her).


The meeting went really well and she is so sweet! she is having a baby in January I think! There were 3 other weddings going on that friday and noone had picked which location they wanted the reception at yet, so I had first choice. I was dead set on having it on the Bordeaux Terrance. She told me that the downfall of the Bordeaux was that the rain is sooo unpredictable so incase it was to rain, the reception would have to be taken inside the restaurant and we would not be able to have music in that instance. That made me really nervous about picking the Bordeaux, but I finally decided to just go with it because the view is amazing and afterall it is my wedding and I should get what I want right?! It ended up NOT raining, it was so beautiful up there and since it was by the ocean the breeze felt soo nice! Also to point out, the sun sets towards the front of the resort, the moon rises by the ocean, which was beautiful because it was also full that night!! And we also had plenty of room for dancing! (I had 24 guests). Bordeaux also has its own built in bar, where as the Himitsu doesnt (they set up a table instead).


The ceremony was at 4pm on the beach with the Huppah which I had decorated with the linens and flowers, the aisle was also lined with palm. I made this decision after looking through a very detailed photo book they had during our meeting.

The breeze felt sooo nice that there was NO need for the fans I brought.

My bridesmaids and I walked down to "Somewhere over the rainbow" from 50 first dates, which Deyanira had on an ipod. She recommended that I do not have the caribbean trio walk me down because I get a full hour with them with my package and it would be more useful to have the during the cocktail hour, which I was very happy with.  Originally, the wedding ceremony was going to be at 6pm, but after researching the sun set times I switched it to 4pm so my photos wouldnt be dark. This meant that I wouldnt have the judge during the ceremony. Well guess what?! An hour before the wedding Deyanira told me the judge would be there just shortly after 4pm! So the wedding started a little later, but we luckily got the judge during our ceremony! She performed the ceremony in spanish and Deyanira translated for her, and after our vows we signed the paperwork.


I don't remember the name of the girl who did my hair, but she did a great job with both my hair and makeup. I had no pictures, I just told her in general how I would like it and she gave me suggestions.


The resort photographer was soo fun to work with by the way! We had a great time taking our pictures and I'm more than happy with the way the turned out!!


Dinner was amazing, and I recommend choosing the "sancocho" Dominican stew, its like a beef stew as one of ur starters. Since I am dominican, that was the only dominican dish they had on the menu, so I figured what the hell I want my family to try it whether they like it or not. People could not stop talking about it! That was their favorite dish!



Now, besides the wedding day, Dreams is an amazing resort! You can never get bored, the entertainment is amazing! Very clean, polite and corteous staff! During our honeymoon, we traveled all around the island and for 2 nights we stayed in another all inclusive, Barcelo Puerto Plata. That place really showed me how great Dreams is! The staff was rude, it was overrun by kids and locals on vacation and the buffet was teeerrriible!


I HIGHLY recommend trying out the preffered club. I've stayed at Dreams twice, the first time without preffered club, and this time with it. You get a full tour of the resort and then they take you into this really nice airconditioned room where they go into detail about everything the resort has to offer. In this room they have a bar with better liqour, fresh fruit, special towels, bathroom, and computers. Explaining it, it doesn't sound that special but experiencing both parts of it, I will always get preffered anytime I go back.


One bad thing I have to mention about Dreams: they really need to start letting you make reservations at restaraunts. It was a pain in the ass to get everyone to dinner together. You never knew how long the wait would be and sometimes we would have to split our group in half.





Okay so maybe this is a review! HA!

Let me know if you have questions about anything!



Heres pictures:







Hi Jennifer!


Thanks soo much for sharing your insight, and for the pics!  They are absolutely incredible.


I was so glad to see these - We've rented the hupah as well for the beach ceremony, and are also using the resort photographer.  I'm feeling so relieved after seeing your pics!!  I am a little blown away with the price they charge for the pics on disc though - Wow!!!!!  Good to know!


We also got the ultimate package, but i know for sure I will want a copy of them, so now I know what to be prepared for!


Thanks again!



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Originally Posted by JackieandTim View Post


Hi girls! I'm leaving today for my wedding on Saturday!!! I'll report back with as much information as possible upon my return!!!!! WOOOO hOOOOOOO cant wait to get there!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 Have a fantastic time!!  Maybe I will be able to see you on Sunday when I arrive - I plan to be by the pool as quickly as possible!!!!

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Jackie, Lyndsay and Carol!


Have so much fun during your wedding/vacation!!!! I wish you all the best and I can't wait to hear about your weddings!!!!



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