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I got so much accomplished this weekend... wow! I got the AHR invites done, B got his flip flops and shirt, I got all of my under dress stuff and finished our pre-travel information booklet... yay! I feel so accomplished... hahaha

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way to go nat!! cross them off your list!!


super embarassing AHR invite story... so we ordered our invites a while ago and we had the invites, rsvp postcards and envelopes. well J and i decide to stuff envelopes on friday and he starts to seal them. in my head i know there is something wrong with this, but i was so excited that he took the initiative that i don't say anything. the next day i realize.. we forgot to put stamps on the RSVP invites!! i know people won't send them back as quickly (or at all) if they don't have stamps AND the invites say that the rsvp cards have pre-paid postage.


needless to say i had to rip open 100 invites and order all new envelopes just to put the stupid stamps on!!! i was not a happy camper!! if this is the only thing that goes wrong like that though, i'll consider myself lucky!

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That's funny Erin. And an A for effort on J's part!

Don't feel so bad. I've done that in the past too!

At least you caught it before it was too late. And hopefully, you didn't have to LICK them all yourself. Lol. That could be pretty awful.


Nat, I'm jealous. I'm crossing things off my list but VERY slowly. Or as soon as I cross off one thing, I think of something else that needs to be done. Arg!

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Oh Erin! that sucks! well the important thing is that they are done now!!! Your big day is only 16 days away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! HOW GREAT!!!!!!!!

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Good Morning ladies,


Ok soo I feel like Nat, I got a ton of things done this weekend as well.

-AHR invites completed

-purchased centerpieces for AHR (Micheals has a huge sale and I got stuff sooo cheap)

-completed my pre-travel brochure which I narrowed down a WHOLE lot

-got all the girls hair flowers

-made my dress fitting appointment

-completed my menu cards

-BM dresses should be arriving today or tomorrow

-Both Bridal registries complete


Things still left to do

-still working on the ceremony program lol......

-finish the accents for my DW centerpeices

-finish luggage tags to be sent with pre travel brochure

-order chair sashes and table linens

-find wedding jewlery and BM jewlery

-begin a packing list

-STILL trying to FREAKIN figure out wedding favors ( by far the hardest thing for me)


Everytime I make a list I know there are things I'm forgetting lol.......

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LOL Toya you sound like me! I always feel like I'm missing something when I make a list!


Sooo thanks to the Michaels sale this weekend, I COMPLETELY changed my centrepieces! They had a mock-up on display, and I fell in love with it. The bowls were only $2.99, so thank goodness for that! My Mom offered to buy it because she just loved it so much, and I was being cheap since I already bought mine hahaha


Here is what the mock-up looks like:

Click the image to open in full size.

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oh and Erin, that is honestly too funny! I did that with my STD's, so don't feel so bad! I only did about 10, thankfully! But it still sucked... hahaha

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