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Dreams Punta Cana Brides

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Hey ladies, i missed a couple days and just now catching up,


Tam congrats on the legal wedding day and soo excited that your big day is tomorrow.


Jocy excited that you leave tomorrow for your big day on the 25th


Can't wait to see all the pictures and read the reviews, everything is going to be wonderful and soo beautiful !!!!

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Originally Posted by melbeern View Post
Hi. After doing some research, I saw some posts where they suggest doing a civil wedding in our hometown before we leave for our destination wedding at Dreams Punta Cana. Then, we can have a symbolic wedding at Dreams.

This helps with the legalities and with having an English ceremony. Is anyone else doing this?

Also, what is everyone giving their guests/wedding party as gifts?


Hello Everyone,
I am Monica I am new here. My FI is hell bent on NOT doing the civil wedding first. He say's he only wants to get married ONCE! So I am probably going to make a consession and compromise on this issue.

So I need to real truth on the actual process of getting legally married in the DR. Also was there any trouble having your marriage recongized by your local state when you returned?

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Hey Monica!! It's Misty, I am glad you finally joined :) The girls on the forum will take care of all of your questions, I'm sure. We have another DMV bride on here, her name is lrdavis on here and she has a ton of information as well. Happy planning soror!!


Also not to totally ignore your question, but as I told you earlier, I am doing the legal one here first so I can't help you with that question, but I am sure someone else on here can.

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I will be doing a planning thread tomorrow hopefully.. wrote most of it on the plane today.

I did post some pics on FB cuz I still can't figure out how to do it here.

Overall, things went well. Have been up since 4am and travelling all day so I am very tired. You guys have nothing to worry about..

Ended up getting married at the gazebo as the beach was just way too windy in the pm.

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