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Paradisus Punta cana Brides- DJ or IPOD

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We are doing the iPod. My best friend has a fancy one that she is hooked on, so I gave her the honor of getting the playlist setup - I'm just suggesting a list of songs and she'll fill in the blank.


I just didn't want to add so much to my budget for a DJ that probably won't play stuff we want to hear anyway...

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Originally Posted by Otis1230 View Post
I really wanted to do ipod instead of dj- but the wc still last week quoted me 150.00 an hour for the setup
Negotiate with her ... and bring the print-out of the price list b/c the price list reads $150. It doesn't say $150 per hour.
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I used the PA system and it was fine for me - I brought CD's of my music and asked one of my guests to do the music and make the announcements (that I wrote exactly when and what to say for him to read) and it was fine.


The invoice and what I requested up front was for 1 hour which is 100.00 but they actually let me keep it from the ceremony until the restaurant at the end ( more like 5 hours). The PA system travels with you throughout the whole resort if you want to - its that small, but loud enough, I guess it depends on what type of crowd you have.

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