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Las Caletas here we come!

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Originally Posted by Kitooze View Post
Hi, my name is Michelle and my wedding date is May 3, 2008. I never wanted a wedding, let alone something tradional, so when I saw the Adventure Weddings site I felt my heart start racing and knew it was for me. Amazingly my fiancee, who is a lot more tradional, said yes, so here we are. We are getting a late start since he took 2 months to pick a date (I'm more flexible with my job), and now I'm freaking out that our guests won't even be able to come. I just sent a Save the Date pdf last week that I made in InDesign. It's really cute, I'll post it later to give others some ideas. We've still got to order invitations. CRAZY. Oh well, I know a few people who are already coming. I made a RSVP online at this forms Web site called wufoo.com, I don't think we'll have time for regular RSVP's. It's actually pretty fun, you can do a free account and have up to 10 questions on the form, my last couple questions are funny like how many margaritas do you plan to drink during your trip? and I'm considering Speedos or swim trunks? Anyone have any other suggetions? OK, that's it for me. Just joined the site because people on here seems to have really great ideas. With my limited time frame, why reinvent the wheel, right?


Welcome!!! I'm New here also with my wedding date May 29, 2008. We had the same issue with guests so we have I think 8-10 that are going. We aren't doing the maid of honor or best man and so forth because then the wedding party would be in the wedding instead of at the wedding..LOL

Invitations are expensive for me so we opted to do our own and just get the kits. Especially with it being just few people. We are doing 2 different invitations. One will be the announcement for those we know are not going and invites for those we know are or might.

Have you thought about shoes for the beach? I suggest you look up barefoot sandals (they range from $10 to $100+). I suggested this on another thread. They have cute ones on e-bay. I found a company called seahart.com on ebay and after looking at their stuff (and e-mailing Richard who was VERY nice from Seaheart.com) we decided that, since it's a small wedding, not many girls we'd get them each one and put it on their chairs as a gift (they come in this little lace bag and a box that looks like a flip-flop). I was concerned after ordering them how they were and to my amazement they were very comy. I'm not one to wear shoes with a thong around the toes (they bother me) but these didn't bother at all. They fit any size foot. I got the white ones for myself however they were not as fancy looking as I wanted them to be, but I'll wear them anyway.

Kelley at Las Caletas is handling my wedding and I have had no concerns at all. Especially reading posts that state what a great job they do so I'm just going to sit back and let them do their thing.

Are you doing a day wedding or night? We are doing the day wedding. We thought it would be fun for the guests to do the activites and so forth and relax and get some sun.

I was like you, where I didn't want a wedding. The only stress I have is I feel like I can do so much with the money that's being spent on the wedding...LOL Oh well.

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