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Event decorators in Los Cabos?


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Hi Ladies!


I cannot believe i am down to less than 40 days now.....


One of the things I am working on right now is trying to find an event decorator who can help construct a canopy with chinese lanterns for my outdoor wedding at the Hilton. I've attached a pic so you guys can get a better idea of what I'm talking about. I just touched base with my florist to see if she can assist...(btw...Adriana Frias at the Flower Cart is GREAT to work with)...but I realize this doesn't really fall in her "lane". Any recommendations on a company or person that can do this?






Whale watching3.pdf

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Please let us know. We are looking for the same thing. We contacted the Hilton and showed them that exact same picture and they charged $1500. We are doing our wedding at the Hilton on that exact same terrace.


Which terrace are you doing the reception on. I think that if there were some poles or trees to work with it would not be that hard to string some paper lanterns up, but getting a post up is hard on that terrace. We are thinking of perhaps using the trees to the side of the terrace to hang a string for the paper lanterns, but that would be off to the side.

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Thanks so much for all the great ideas....Del Cabo Design's website is AWESOME...I wish I'd known about them earlier. Since I originally posted this thread, I hired a wedding planner (Maye) and she is handling the lanterns. I won't get the whole canopy thing....but that's fine by me...it was definitely a huge expense. Thanks again!

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