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I need advice!


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My Aunt just asked my mother if she can share a room with her at the resort to cut costs. My mother really doesn't want to, but being the kind person she is, doesn't know how to say no. Does anyone have any advice I can give my mom on how she can politely refuse without risking my Aunt taking it the wrong way?

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Originally Posted by carly View Post
Are you staying with your FI the night before the wedding? You could always have your mom say that you two had already planned on sharing the room for that night so there wouldn't be room for her. I like my own personal space too, so I totally understand.
That's a great idea. The only thing is I don't think that is the way it will end up being, but I suppose she could just tell my Aunt that I had a change of heart in the end. Thanks for the advice!
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