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reservation/deposit for air+resort for dw

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how did you guys reserve a block of rooms at a resort for your dw?


through a travel agent? direct via the resort? other?


did you reserve the whole all inclusive package? or just the rooms?


how much deposit did you have to put? was it non-refundable?


the reason i ask is....my travel agent said i need to put $200 deposit per passenger for the ai (air+resort)...and that it is non-refundable....my wedding is in november...there is no possible way i know now for sure exactly how many guests....so i don't want to reserve for 40 guests...and in the end, wind up with 20 guests...that means i will lose $4000!


what should i do?

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I think your TA is referring to this price if you decide to book a block of rooms. My TA gave me the rate and the deposit amount per person was $150. I sent the satve the dates and put all the info on our website. That way each guest made their own deposits (by our deadline). I think fronting $4000 for your guests who you don't even know are coming is asking way too much. Maybe you should tell your TA you just want prices per room and let her know your guests will be contacting her individually.

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I am using CheapCaribbean.com for our group reservations and I only had to guarantee 10 people to recieve the "Group Rate" and leave a $250 deposit for them. It wasn't hard for us because we had more than 10 immediate family members coming from the start. But, we did have 2 people back out last month and we didn't lose the $500 deposit we put down for them, they just carried the money over to our reservation. The key thing with them was that you must have at least 10 people, after that they really work with youin case anything happens.

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