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so who do you think these people are?


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who are these people parachuting to the island on LOST? and what do you think jack was talking about when he said to hugo "are you going to tell?".


i freakn love this show....been addicted since the first episode!smile159.gif

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in case anyone just watched LOST....


i am so pyched for this season. it looks like these people are from the dharma inective and they want ben. since he did kill everyone from dharma by gasing them i assuming that might be one of the reasons why.


the polar bear issue resurfaced again and the character charlotte found a collar on the polar bear skeleton in a dig somewhere in the desert and saw the symbol and seemed to be very excited....hmmmmm! this stuff is crazy! i LOVE it!


oh it's weird that i just commented on my own post but it'll be my very own lost thread....hahaha!

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LOL I just saw both episodes back to back (I missed last weeks premiere). I hate and love this show all at the same time!!!!!!! It angers me every time yet every week I come back for more.

You just reminded me about Ben gasing everyone I completely forgot. And how does Ben have one of his people on their ship? How is this guy so powerful?

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i am sooo not sure how is has someone on the ship or even how he became so powerful. if you remember he came to the island as a child with his father and his father blamed him for killing his mother during child birth....which then he also killed his father by gasing him as well... and if you've noticed the "others" haven't aged from the first time he met them as a child to now.


i am really into the "oceanic 6" that has been mentioned a few times. hurley mentioned when he was getting arrested last week. so far we know that jack, kate and hurley are 3 of them....so what happened to the others....



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