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Finally - a decision!

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We FINALLY settled on a resort and date - Hurray! smile159.gif


We decided to do it at Sunset at the Palms the last week of January 2009. I'm just waiting to hear back from the resort to confirm the wedding date...


Now it finally seems real!


Just thought I'd share my excitement - and add one more for the "non-ROR" brides team on here. :)

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Yay, I am so happy for you! I really like the look of SATP. We are still trying to decide on a location. I have a few questions if you don't mind. How many guests are you going to have? Did you make your reservation through a travel agent or the resort? Do you have any info that you could email me, like specific pricing, menus, options.

I appreciate it, Jenny

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Originally Posted by luv2love View Post
Hooray! A fellow SATP bride!!! smile159.gif

I am getting married at SATP May 7, '08. It's such a beautiful resort, I can't wait! Have you viewed the resort video on their website? That's what made the final decision for me!
Thanks everyone!
luv2love - I am so excited that there is a fellow SATP bride on here! How far along are you in planning? I am still waiting to hear back from Charm...I hear it can take a while in the beginning...

Jenny - I am pm-ing you with some details about SATP ok?
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