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Where do I get those Ceremoney fans?

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Originally Posted by BandE2008 View Post

Those are the ones
They are affordable -

Will look into them :)

I like the pink ones too on that site :) but you have to order multicolor ones so that wont work!

which pink ones? are they the same material as the natural fans? or are the foldy?
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You ladies are too helpful! THANK YOU


As for the fans


I LOVE pink, but think they might be too feminine. However, I want to put them on all chairs for everyone ....

I saw some photos where men were using the regular brown colored ones ...


Either im going all natural color or Ill alternate natural and pink on each seat!


MY BIG WORRY NOW is how do you all get your items down there?!?! Im going to have to take like 5 suitcases!


Eden :)

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