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Undecided newbie! But loving Las Caletas in Puerto Vallarta!


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Hello everyone! First of all, please let me say that I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found this forum. I live in Toronto, Canada and have been engaged for two months now. I'm planning my DW for January 29, 2009 and expect approx 60 guests to be coming from Toronto, New York, Michigan, and California. The initial planning has been overwhelming and finding this forum has been a miracle!!! THANK YOU!


The original plan in December was to have our DW in the Riviera Maya...I grew up on the East coast in the States and loved the white sandy Caribbean beaches...BUT after lurking on the Puerto Vallarta boards here for the last two weeks (I know lurking and not posting isn't nice, I'm sorry) I think my mind has been changed....


I HAVE TOTALLY FALLEN IN LOVE WITH LAS CALETAS!!!...it is absolutely INCREDIBLE! It's like someone took the dream image I've had of my DW and brought it to life. I've looked at the beatiful slide shows and photographs that the generous, wonderful ladies on this site have posted and have just continued to fall harder for the location.


I have many questions, know absolutely NOTHING about the surrounding area of PV, and am not certain if my fiance will go for the change in location, but I hope that others can help me out in this area.


Feel free to ask me questions if I've forgotten to provide more information. This is the first occassion EVER that I've had to become part of an online community so it's totally new to me. Thank you.

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Welcome, Pazoop (what's your name? - that's my first question! lol)! I was married at Caletas this past June - and you can't go wrong. Please take a look at all the Caletas threads on here - and let us know how we can help! I'm adding you to the list of [potential] Caletas couples!


Congrats on your engagement!

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Yay welcome! I'm glad that you have found useful information on LC. As for not knowing much about PV, no worries. I have only been there once and my fiance has never been. There is so much information here I feel like I could sail my way blind to my resort. The internet in general is such a powerful tool. You should be able to learn lots!


Good luck! And happy planning.

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Wow! Thanks for such a warm welcome!


Ann - Your slide show photos and video are incredible! Thank you so much for sharing them.


Rachel - I see that your wedding date at Las Caletas (LC? - I'm still getting used to writing in acronyms...) is coming up really fast....you must be so excited!!! smile29.gif


Well...as I said in my intro post...


1. I still have some decisions/planning/convincing to do but I think my mind and my heart just know THIS IS THE PLACE! The same way people say you'll just know the dress when you put it on...(I found my dress so I know that feeling!)


2. Even though I love it I still have tons of questions about the LC packages that people have arranged. It's hard to get a sense of what the set up would look like with only the things included in the base price, and I'm trying to get an idea of budget, etc. (One thing I do know for CERTAIN is that my FI will want the fire dancers...he'll be SO EXCITED when I show him!)


Anyway, once I know more about my specific questions I will start a separate post in the PV thread. Just wanted to say THANKS AGAIN AND AGAIN for the support. I'm the only person I know doing a DW so it's nice to have some connections now!

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