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Riu Palace Riviera Maya (AI)

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Hi Melissa,


Thanks for giving me a heads up on this! Does anyone have any ideas as to how I go about fixing the lack of flow problem? I'm a little lost here. We're only having about 12 guests, so the private reception won't be an issue for us. Thanks for any help/insight anyone may be able to provide!



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My FI and I recently visited the Riu Palace Riviera Maya for a site visit in April to make sure this was the place we wanted to get married. We loved it and made the final decision to have our wedding there. We are sending out the STDs next week!


Sine I had a lot of problems getting information from them and booking our date prior to our visit, I wanted to share some of the answers we got to our questions while there.




Visit this link to find out about the 6 restaurant options at the RPRM. We really enjoyed the food and felt that all the restaurants and buffets had a great selection with lots of fresh food. You have to make dinner reservations between 12 - 3 PM with a woman who is located near La Habana bar and there are two seatings at 6:30 PM and 8:45 PM. You can make up to two reservations at a time (Sir Oliver is the smallest and fills up fastest, but Agave was our favorite!)

Visiting Other Riu's:

If you are staying at the RPRV or the Riu Palace, you are free to visit the other four Riu hotels in PDC. You can use their facilities, swim, drink and eat lunch there. The only thing is that you must eat dinner at the resort you are staying at so try to go on a bar crawl or eat lunch at a different resort just to explore.

Ceremony Options:

There is a beautiful gazebo that is off of the spa where I am going to get married. It's a little more private and away from the pool. They set up chairs there ($4pp) on the lawn and there is a stone walkway for the bride. You can also get married on the beach which is lovely. It's more private than you would think and not open to the "public"...just other Riu guests who are lounging there. One thing to keep in mind...it is always very windy on the beach no matter how the weather is or what time of day it is.

Reception Options:

This really depends on the size of your group. If your group is 50 or less, you can have a private reception in the Brazilian restaurant called Botafogo. They will give it to you for the second seating at 8:45 PM and you can have a DJ set up there. If your group is 80 +, you can have a private reception in Chillis restaurant for the second seating and have a DJ set up there as well. If your group is 100+, they will give you Chillis for both seatings and therefore your guests can eat at 7 PM. Either of the options in Chillis though is a buffet style meal and they only serve beer and wine there. If you want a full open bar for your reception, it's @ $10pp extra. If you have a small group, I think you can eat in any of the restaurants, but it just won't be private. They'll give you a section of the restaurant and I'm sure they'll help you work out the details.


If you are having a reception in Botafogo or Chillis, you can have a DJ at the restaurant. If you chose not to do that or have a smaller group, there is a disco that they rent out for weddings down the street at the Riu Yucatan. It has a bar and you could have a DJ there. It's a little big of a walk, but that disco is only for private functions. There is another disco in the Riu Lupita that opens to all Riu guests at 10 or 11 PM.

Cocktail Receptions

For cocktail receptions, either for the night before your wedding or before your receptions, there are two options that we were given. You can rent out the pool bar for a private reception @ 6 PM for $10pp. It closes at 6 PM which is why there is a charge to keep it open. You can also have a private section of the Lirico Bar (outside) or the La Habana Bar (inside). After 6 PM is free because those bars are open to the public, so you would just have a private section. Passed or' derives can be purchases at @ $10pp. They have a few different varieties that you may choose from.

Rain Options

Of course, we don't want to think about this, but it's good to have a back up plan. If it rains, they can step up Don Manolo for your ceremony and reception. This is the biggest rest aunt where everyone eats breakfast. They'll move the tables and create a space for your ceremony & reception in there if it's pouring.

The Beach

There are a lot of bad reviews about the beach at the RPRM and that was a big reason on why we wanted to go down and visit. It's true that the beach is very eroded along most of Playa del Carmen. However, the reviews make it seem like there is no beach at all. That is untrue. There is tons of beach area with sand, palm trees and lounge chairs overlooking the ocean. The problem is that you just can't run right into the ocean from the beach. You have to go in a round about way to get to the water, but it is possible and once you are in, there is lots of sand and you can walk out a ways before the water gets deep. The pictures online are misleading, but overall, we were surprised to see how nice the beach area was after all the negative reviews. Besides, who wants to lay on the beach when you can sit in the pool right next to the bar! cheers.gif


I hope this answers a lot of your questions. Please let me know if you want more information. I figure this is the best thread to post detailed info on the RPRM since the other Riu sites are most general and talk about Riu's in other parts of Mexico.

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Alissa I cannot thank you enough for all the info you provided! In particular, I was so relieved to see there is a back up plan in place in case it rained. Also glad to hear you loved Agave b/c that's where I've planned my welcome dinner. Haven't chosen yet for our reception, but now I know more about what I'm choosing. So thanks again - it's hard to make choices when you cannot actually go to the site to visit!!!

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Ceremony Information:




How can I book my ceremony?


Please visit our webpage Wedding Packages by Destination. Honeymoon Holidays. Weddings by Riu where you will be able to choose your destination wedding and book you prefered ceremony date on-line.


Please notice that we do not have control over the people who is submitting the wedding requests and this information is subject to change at anytime.



Is there a requirment to have a wedding at a RIU Hotel & Resort?


In order to have a wedding at any of our RIU Hotel & Resorts, 80% of the total amount of the wedding guests must stay at the hotel.



Do you offer free weddings or discounts depending on the number of rooms booked?


The wedding is a separate service from room reservation and for the moment we do not offer discounts or free weddings.



If I have guests who want to attend the wedding, but will not be staying at RIU Hotels & Resorts, is this possible ?


For example if the wedding is going to be at Riu Palace Mexico, the 80% of your guests need to stay there, the other 20% could stay in other Hotels and assist to your wedding paying the following fees:


If you are having the wedding at the Riu Palace Mexico, Clients staying at other Riu Hotels have to pay around 45USD extra per person for the reception dinner.


If you are having the wedding at any other Riu Hotel, Clients staying at other Riu Hotels donâ€t have to pay.


If clients are staying at other chain hotel the cost for the reception dinner is around 65USD per person for Riu Palace and 45USD per person for the other Riuâ€s properties.




Which is the wedding capacity for each RIU Hotel & Resort?


RIU Palace Mexico 200 pax

RIU Palace Riviera Maya 250 pax


RIU Tequila 80 pax


RIU Yucatan 80 pax


RIU Playacar 50 pax



Do you perform ceremonies on Sundays?


No, ceremonies are performed only from Monday through Saturday.


When are the wedding details arranged with the on-site wedding coordinator?

Once your wedding is confirmed, the on-site wedding coordinator will contact you via e-mail one or two months before the wedding´s day in order to proceed with the wedding ceremony & reception (decoration, flowers, cake, music, pictures etc.)



When the wedding coordinator will contact me?


The on-site wedding coordinator will be working with you via email/phone prior to the wedding date. Once you arrive at the RIU Hotel she will inform you at what time & date your personal interview is scheduled with her.




Are we able to make reservations for our wedding reception prior to our arrival?


Yes, it´s possible to reserve an area in one of our restarurants prior to your arrival. This would be arranged via email with our on site wedding coordinator.


Please note that restaurant reservations are subject to availability and capacity.




Is there a charge for the reception dinner ?


The Dinners offered in the Wedding Packages are non-private and they have no extra charge. We sectionate an area for the Wedding Group in one of the Speciality Restaurants.

Private Dinners are subject to availability, and have an extra charge.


Your on-site wedding coordinator will give you further detailed information.



Is there a maximum or minimum number of guests required to reserve a reception dinner?


There is not a maximun or minimum number of guests required to reserve a wedding reception dinner.



Is there a rehearsal?


All the details are discussed during the interview. Everything is very well organized so you will not need a rehearsal.


The rehearsal dinners are arranged upon arrival, as a group dinner at the main restaurant of the Hotel, it will be buffet service, directly with the Hotel Maitre.



Are there different ceremony locations ?


RIU Palace Mexico: beach, gazebo and chapel (it is very small, maximum 25 pax)


RIU Palace Riviera Maya: gazebo with ocean view, kiosk and beach.


RIU Yucatan, Tequila and Playacar: beach and garden



In case of rain, is the ceremony cancelled?


In case of weather inconveniences, we can move the wedding spot to our beautiful Chapel in Riu Palace México. More than 25 people will be at the terrace in the main restaurant in your hotel. We will let you know three hours before your wedding. We do not change the time or day of your ceremony because of the rain, everything will be like it was planned . If you have extra decorations, we will use it at your wedding dinner. Riu Hotels and Resorts are not responsible for delaying or cancellations due to adverse weather conditions.



How many ceremonies are held each day?


We schedule a maximum of three ceremonies per day and a maximum of 2 weddings per hotel. Availability for ceremonies also depend on the number of wedding guests.



How long does the ceremony last?


Aproximately 20minutes.



Are there any optional services that must be reserved prior to our arrival at the hotel?


Yes, the request of the optional services are asked while you are in contact via email with the on-site coordinator. Once you arrive at the destination you will finalize the special requests as private restaurant reservations, ballrom or nightclub reservations, DJs, special menus, wedding cake designs, flowers, etc.



How much do extras cost?


Depending on your package (Royal and Caprice) will be the number of cake pieces, bottles of sparkling wine, and chairs that you have included. If your wedding party is larger than the amount of people included in your wedding package, you have the option to purchase extras (Chairs, Cake, etc).



Live Music: P/H

Flute Player 390usd

Saxophone Player 455 usd

Harpist 360 usd

Mariachi 559 usd

Trio 430 usd

DJ 1000usd

Private Disco (3hours) *ADVANCED RESERVATION 1170usd

Flowers: P/P

Bride Bouquet 130 usd

Bridesmaid bouquet 50 usd

Corsage 22usd

Corsage big orchid 28usd

Boutonniere 12usd

Flower girl basket 26usd

Additional decoration:

Chair with cover 5usd

Rose petals extras per person 5usd

Big stand 196 usd

Small stand 104usd

Small centre pieces 50 usd

Cake Topper 25usd

Cake top and extra flowers 35usd

Arch with fresh flowers 600 usd

1 Rose with a bow 10 usd

Additional Floral Arrangements: To be requested upon arrival

Bows for chairs at the ceremony 3usd each

Bobble machine at ceremony 150 usd

Extra candles for dinner 4usd each

Butterflies 40 usd each

Food and Drinks:

Cake 6usd

Canapés Between 8 y 12 usd

Chocolate fountain for a cocktail or dinner (all fruits included) 400usd

Extra Bottles 26 usd






You will finalize your payment upon arrival after our meeting.

The hotel accepts traveller cheques, visa and master card, NOT AMEX.

We recommend you to bring some cash with you; close to the Hotel is an ATM machine.




What about pictures ?


We have different photo packages, please notice that the prices are subject to change:



All the pictures are taken digitally with high resolution (6 Mega Pixel).


The size of the printed pictures is 6 x 8 inches (15 x 21 cm) in color or in B&W and includes a basic album.


The minimum quantity of pictures in a package is 24 pictures.






1) 24 pictures $ 280.00 usd


2) 24 pictures with negatives on a CD $ 380.00 usd



3) 36 pictures $ 360.00 usd


4) 36 pictures with negatives on a CD $ 460.00 usd



5) 50 pictures $ 400.00 usd


6) 50 pictures with negatives on a CD $ 500.00 usd



7) CD with 70 JPG files (no prints) $ 495.00 usd



cool.gif DVD slideshow of 120 JPG files with menus and music $ 700.00 usd



DVD slideshow of JPG files with menus and music, CD with

negatives, 1 leather album and 50 (15x21â€) 25 (20x25â€) printed


pictures $ 1,300.00 usd





Price per picture over the original package $ 12.00 usd


Leather album 31 x 35 cm $ 90.00 usd


Additional photo session an hour before and after the ceremony $50.00 usd


*Extra Pictures 6 x 8 $12usd


*Extra Pictures 8 x 10 $15usd



48 hr delivery or 5-7 days shipping address (UPS or FEDex) with no charge.


Photo Packages will be delivered to the photo shop located at the RIU Yucatan


Visa and Master Card accepted


5% Off cash payment



For the largest quantity of pictures, please contact the your wedding photographer for the pictures required





10) 1 hour recorded HDV (1 DVD edited video) $ 450.00 us


11) 2 hours recorded HDV (2 DVD edited video) $ 750.00 us


12) 4 hours recorded HDV (3 DVD edited video) $ 950.00 us




Sony Digital HD video camera recording with wireless microphones


Mac G5 Quad Video editing system with Final Cut HD



1080 60i



If you want to play back Hi-Definition quality images recorded with 1080i format (1080/60i) based on HDV Standard, your TV should be compatible with HD (1080/60i) input.






NTSC System Countries or areas: Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa-Rica, Ecuador, Japan, Korea (Rep.), Mexico, Panama, Peru, Phillipines, Puerto-Rico, Taiwan, U.S.A., Venezuela, etc



48 hrs. Hotel deliverance or 5-7 days shipping address (UPS or FEDex) with not charge


VISA and Master Card accepted


5% Off in cash payment



For any special requests, please directly contact the cameraman.



When is payment for optional services made?


Full payment of the optional services and wedding package is done after your interview with the on-site coordinator.


You may pay with cash, credit card, travel check, etc. However, the optional services should be paid by cash.



When do I reserve salon services such as hair appointment, nail services, etc ?


This information will be provided by your on-site wedding coordinator who will help you to contact the salon and reserve your appointment.


Could I send my wedding dress to be steamed?

You can go to the front desk of your hotel if you require your dress to be steamed.








Wedding´s requirements



What are the differences between civil, religious and renewal of vows ceremonies?


The Legal ceremony is performed by a Judge ( JP ) in Spanish and translated into English. This ceremony is legally recognised, the new couple will receive a copy of the marriage licence and the original will be sent within 5 to 6 months to your home. (please note that the Mexican Government can take longer to send these documents) When you receive these documents you should translate them into English and go to your city Hall to legalise the marriage.



The Religious ceremony and the Renewal of vows are performed by a Non-denominational Christian Father (please note that Catholic weddings cannot be performed outside of a Church) The wedding will be performed in English. This ceremony is not legally recognised and you do not need any documentation, the Bride and Groom will receive a symbolic marriage certificate.




What documents are required for civil weddings?


Birth Certificates Large Form (Regular Photocopy).


Passports (Regular Photocopy).


Divorce Decree (Regular Photocopy) Death Certificate of previous partner (Not needed)


Tourist Card (Regular Photocopy).


Blood test (It can only be done at the resort)


Couple under 18 years parents must be witnesses.


Passports of witnesses (Regular photocopies).


How many witnesses do I need?

You need 4 witnesses. They must be at least 18 years old and they have to arrive 3 full business days prior the ceremony at the same time as the couple.



Are the civil weddings performed at RIU Hotels & Resorts legal in my country?


Civil ceremonies are legally recognized in all the countries.


We suggest that once you have received the Original Marriage Certificate you should take it to your City Hall or Registry´s Office to let your government know that your legal status.



If I am divorced. Can I have my civil ceremony at the resort?


Yes. You must be divorced at least one year and present the Divorce Decree (Regular Photocopy).



What documents are required for religious weddings?


You don´t need any documentation.



What documents are required for renewal of vows ceremonies?


The vows renewal is just a symbolic ceremony (a blessing) and where the married couple renew their vows.You don´t need any documentation.


However, you can have a reception and after the ceremony and in some destinations you will obtain a wedding certificate with no legal bearing.



What is an “apostille documentâ€, why do I need it and where can I get it?


The Apostille is a certificate that authenticates the signature of the public official who has signed the document. An apostille certificate confirms the person who signed a document has the authority to do so and that the document should therefore be recognized as legal without further evidence in another member state of the Hague Convention.


The Apostille must be required in the State where the document was made. The Foreign Offices of each state and country can provide the apostille. In fact, you should apostille the documents before arrive to the hotel.




How many days in advance do we have to be at the resort before we can get married?


For Legal/Civil weddings the couple as well as the witnesses must arrive 3 full business days plus the arrival day.


For Renewal of vows or symbolic weddings the couple must arrive 2 full business days plus the arrival day.


Please notice that Sunday is not considered business day.



Do we need to send any documentation prior arrival?


You do not need to send any documentation prior arrival.



If my name is different from the passport and birth certificate will this present a problem?


If the name on the passport and birth certificate is different, the Bride should bring the birth certificate translated into Spanish with the apostille Stamp.



Will the judge perform the ceremony if all our documents are not in order ? Are there exceptions?


All documents must be in order before your ceremony date without exceptions.



Will our Marriage certificate be issued in english or spanish?


Your marriage cerificate will be issued in Spanish in Mexico.



Do I need to take a blood test and, if so, what diseases do you test for?


HIV, syphilis and blood type tests are only required for weddings in Mexico.



Can I have a doctor perform the blood test in my country and take the results to the resort?


No. Tests must be performed in Mexico by a certified doctor (for the medical certificate). Your on-site wedding coordinator will arrange the doctor appointment in your hotel room.



Will I be able to participate in the wedding ceremony if one of the tests cames back positive?


No, if HIV or syphilis should be positive, the ceremony cannot be performed.

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well, last minute change! I was supposed to get married at the Yucatan, one week from today, but the hotel is over booked. Luckily I work for a vacation company and my colleague double checked some things with the resort and found out it's overbooked! All 50 of us are now being moved to the Riviera Palace Riviera Maya.... This is okay, right? Any other tips or advicehuh.gif

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Hello ladies,

I just thought I'd share my large photo collection of the Riu Palace Riviera Maya, which we loved! The property was beautiful! I'll do a formal review asap. Enjoy!

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

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You can see, there's a wall that divides the upper beach area from the lower beach area. The property was built post hurricane Wilma, so they did this to prevent erosion. The sandbags in the water seemed to have really helped. Palace Riv Maya has more sand bags than the other Rius, but also have the largest beach, by far. I was bummed about it at first, but when we got there, it was just fine!


Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

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