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Riu Palace Riviera Maya (AI)

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Riu Palace Riviera Maya

This luxurious resort, the latest addition to the Riu family in Playa del Carmen, is the ultimate in pampered first-class service.


Rising along a spectacular stretch of white sandy beach and framed by tropical palm trees, this spectacular hotel boasts 400 elegant junior suites with hydro-massage bathtubs and all of Riu's distinctive amenities, such as a mini-bar and liquor dispenser. Enjoy the exquisite selection of à la carte restaurants and bars, along with continental breakfast room service, 24-hour All Inclusive (snacks and beverages) and the exchange privileges programme with all sister properties within the Riu Resort complex.


The brand-new Riu Palace Riviera Maya: creating unforgettable memories of Mexican paradise.


* Opened February 2006

* Located in the Yucatan peninsula, 2.8 km / 1.8 miles from Playa del Carmen

* Within the Playacar resort area, along with the Riu Yucatan, Riu Playacar, ClubHotel Riu Tequila and the Riu Palace Mexico hotels

* 3-storey building

* Surrounded by 35,000 m2 /42,000 sq. yards of lush gardens


* Located on the beach

* Complimentary sun loungers on the beach

* 500 m / 1650 feet from a shopping centre

* 55 km /34 miles from Cancun Int’l. Airport

* Credit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diners


AV Xaman-Ha Mza 9 Y 10 Lote 1 INT. FRACC. Fase II Solidaridad

77710 - Playa del Carmen - Quintana Roo - Mexico

Tel: 52(984)8772280 Fax: 52(984)87 72285

E-Mail: palace.rivieramaya@riu.com

Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.

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•What documents are required?


If the Bride and Groom have never been married before, they just need:


Copies of the passports,

Copies of birth certificates (no legalised, non translated)

The tourist visa provided upon entry to Mexico. Although passports are not required for US citizens for entry into Mexico, they are mandatory for weddings.


The foreign marriages are not legally recognised, therefore the legal documents required are the same, except if there have been a name change (only applies for women). If the name on the passport and birth certificate is different, the Bride should bring the birth certificate translated into Spanish with the apostille Stamp above mentioned.

Documents must be presented to the wedding coordinator upon arrival.


Special cases such as adoptions or names changes, please contact the wedding coordinator on site


Blood Test is required for marriages in Mexico. The onsite wedding coordinator arranges the doctor appointment at the hotel room. If the bride and groom are positive on a mortal or final disease they will not be able to be legally married in Mexico.


For Religious wedding no especial documentation is required.


•What are the differences between Legal ( Civil ) and Religious Ceremony?


The Legal Ceremony is performed by a Judge (JP ) in Spanish and translated into English. This ceremony is legally recognised. The new couple will receive a copy of the marriage licence and the original will be send within 5 o 6 months. (please notice that the Mexican Government can take longer to send this document ). You should translate it into English and go to your city Hall to legalise the marriage.


For legal ceremonies the bride and groom and 4 witnesses need to be on destination 3 full business days prior to the wedding. The hotel can provide witnesses if needed


A Non-denominational Christian Father performs the Religious ceremony. Please notice that Catholic weddings can not be performed outside of a Church. The wedding is performed in English. This ceremony is not legally recognise, the bride and Groom will receive a symbolic marriage certificate. The Couple should be on destination at least 2 full business days prior the wedding.


Please notice that for Religious or Legal weddings arrival days and Sundays are not considered business days.


•Are there different wedding locations?


The wedding ceremony has to be perform in the hotel that you are staying at the following spots:

Riu Yucatan, Tequila and Playacar: Beach and garden

RIU Palace Mexico: Beach, gazebo and chapel (it is very small, up 25 pax)

Riu Palace Riviera Maya: Gazebo with ocean view.


Please be advised that the weddings are more private on the garden areas. When the wedding is perform on the beach this event attract the other clients that are sun bathing on the area.


•How many weddings are done per day?


Depending on the wedding group size, we do only perform one or two weddings per hotel per day. The weddings are performed only from Monday to Saturday.


•How long does the ceremony take?


The weddings last 20 or 30 minutes.


•Which hotel the wedding will be at and, is there a charge for the reception dinner?


In order to perform the wedding at a Riu Hotel, the 80% of the clients have to stay at the same hotel the wedding is going to be at.

For example if the wedding is going to be at Riu Palace Mexico, the 80% of your guests need to stay there, the other 20% could stay in other Hotels and assist to your wedding paying the following fees:


If you are having the wedding at the Riu Palace Mexico, Clients staying at other Riu Hotels have to pay around 45USD extra per person for the reception dinner.

If you are having the wedding at any other Riu Hotel, Clients staying at other Riu Hotels don’t have to pay.

If clients are staying at other chain hotel the cost for the reception dinner is around 65USD per person for Riu Palace and 45USD per person for the other Riu’s properties.


•Is there a rehearsal?


All the details are discuss during the interview.


Rehearsal dinners are subject to availability.


The Rehearsal dinners are arranged upon arrival as a group dinner directly with the Hotel Maitre.


•Can I have a private reception dinner ?


The reception dinner can be private if the group is at least 50 people. (available only at the Riu Playacar 2nd siting 8:30 pm or Riu Palace Mexico and Riu Palace Riviera Maya ).

Be advice that we don’t have restaurants to rent for a private dinner if you are a small wedding group. Or you are staying at the other Riu Properties.



•What kind of room will I be upgrade to?


The room upgrade is to the next level of booked room, but the upgrade is subject to availability and we can not guarantee. You could arrange it upon arrival directly with the front desk of your Hotel.




•Do you offer free weddings or discounts depending on the number of rooms booked?


The wedding is a separate service from room reservation and for the moment we do not offer discounts or free weddings.

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I attended a DW at the RIU Palace in May 2006. The location and rooms were very nice and their ceremony was beautiful!! However we had some mixed reviews for the reception food and reception itself. Would be happy to share the details/pics with anyone interested in this location.



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HI Melissa,


Was hoping you could share your feedback and pictures of this resort with me. We are looking at this place as a possibility.




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Hi Girls! I have to say that overall the location was beautiful. It is a new hotel so everything was still all shiny and new!


The wedding I attended had about 70 people in attendance and everyone stayed at the RIU. We were all very happy with our rooms and the location. A few minor problems: some of us had lots of troubles with our keys not working. This may have been due to the fact the hotel had just opened a month prior - I'm not sure. Also, beware of the floors - they are super slippery!


Our friends had a blast staying here - was great to all be together and we fully took advantage of the unlimited alcohol!


We did have a rehearsal type dinner the night before the wedding at the Brazilian restaurant. Food was ok - not spectacular.


The ceremony itself was held on the beach area right behind the pool bar at 3:00pm. Our area was roped off, however people were surrounding it and standing around watching. It was a beautiful scene with the water in the background!


My main criticism was that the whole event did not seem to flow at all.


(I would like to preface this all by saying that I do not know if this was due to the fact that the place had just opened or what. Things certainly may have changed since last May. My suggestion would be to make sure you work with the coordinator on this!!)


The ceremony itself was nice. However, our friend, the groom, kinda seemed to be standing up there a little lost for awhile until his bride came down. Again, no real organization or flow.


After the ceremony we went back to the main bar because we had some time between the ceremony and dinner. Dinner was held an hour or two later at Chili's (the poolside restaurant). Dinner was nice - the bride decorated it and it looked very cute! It also was private and we had the whole location to ourselves. The food was shrimp, steak, and chicken - all was ok, kind of bland and dry.


After dinner we had to wait until 10:00 to have our "reception". They were going to let them have the staged area for a dance - however told them that since this was an AI, they would have to wait until the evening shows were over. There was no private area to use, at least none that we were aware of. So we all sat around waiting until the children's magic show was done and finally got to have the "reception". The staff had told us that we could hook up my ipod and play some music for them to have their first dance, bride and FOB dance, and then have some time for us to have a little dance party. Unfortunately, their shows had run late and we only got to play 3 songs before they shut down. Luckily, they got to have their first dance and hers with her dad - but after waiting hours to have the reception, only to have it cut off after 3 songs - we were all a little disappointed.


My main problem was that it really didn't feel like anyone was taking care of them, or looking to make this an extra special day for them. They seemed quite lost and like they didn't know what was going on either. I just felt bad for them because here they wanted to have some time to dance with their guests and that clearly was not a priority for the staff.


I will try and see if I have any pictures here at work that I can upload. If not, I will get some up this evening from home.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions! I'm afraid to discourage anyone from this location, because it was beautiful. Hopefully they have gotten all the issues worked out and have a great WC on site. I'm not sure if they offer different packages or upgrades or what all their options are. I would just be aware of these issues so you can prevent them from happening to you!



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Thank you Melissa, this is really helpful, it basically confirms my feelings about the resort -- it is a gorgeous resort, but not super helpful for weddings.


I feel like if I choose Riu Palace, it will be a fabulous holiday for my friends and family coming because it is a gorgeous resort, BUT, it will be stressful for me trying to plan a wedding there, with little response, and little organization.


I was trying to convince myself that this wouldn't be a problem, but I think it will be, and I think I should take that seriously. Thank you so much!

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I've uploaded some pictures in my gallery. I hope this helps!


magsiemexico - I completely agree with your take on it. It is a beautiful place, but I can see how this sort of event is not their priority. I felt really bad for our bride and groom - both who handled it all beautifully. I know I would not be able to handle it as well.

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