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How much time for photography?

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This goes out to former brides and/or photographers!


I'm really not sure how much time I should leave for photography. Our reception is booked for 8pm. I'm just finalizing the ceremony time and can't decide between the following 2 options:


5pm: ceremony

5:30-6pm: group pictures with guests

6-7:30pm: bride and groom pics during sunset




4-5:45pm: bride and groom pics

6pm: ceremony

6:30-7pm: group pictures with guests

7-7:30pm: bride and groom sunset pictures


If I do option 1 with the 5pm ceremony, is 1.5hrs enough time for bride and groom pics? Pictures are pretty important to me, and I would like to have enough time to do both beach pictures and pictures in town (our resort is in Playa del Carmen town, so no driving time required). We can't do the ceremony earlier than 5pm due to another wedding at 4pm.


I'm sort of leaning towards the 6pm ceremony and take pictures before hand, just to ensure we have enough picture time. The only downside is that we'd see eachother before the ceremony, but I guess that's not a huge deal.


For all you married ladies, can you share your experience? How much time did you leave for photos and how did that go? Was it enough, too long, etc?


And for all you photogs, what do you think? How long does it usually take for group pictures? We'll have around 40 people.


I can't decide which route to go. Thanks!!

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most people have found having as much time as they can afford with their photog as very important. We had ours for 10 hours and he even stayed about an extra hour and a half. I was so happy he was there for the getting ready (he met me at the salon and stayed until almost the end of the reception). He was a single photog and didn't have a second camera person so my DH and I had to get ready at different times for him to capture both of us.

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