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Dreams Tulum guest room pricing-HELP

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So my TA gave me some estimates on room pricing when we decided to do this whole thing and they were reasonable- at least LIVABLE. I just asked her to give me final numbers so we could post them on our website as we send out STDs. The rate is almost DOUBLE what she gave me before that we based our decision on!!!!


HELP- what kind of rates are you guys getting from your TA or otherwise for a room??

Garden view, ocean view? how many days? including transfer? flight? I dont know what I'm going to do! I'm pissed. I'm broken hearted. I... uhh... help me figure out if she was crazy on the back end or if she's wrong now!!! crybaby2.gif

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room only $240 per night including taxes for double occupancy for early december 2008 for a deluxe room *.


how can anyway on here give you air rates as you have not posted where you will fly from, exact dates, etc?



* Price and all itinerary components displayed above remain subject to availability and change until complete payment (or payment satisfying our price-guarantee requirements) is received.


ETA: my guess is air rates went up because the room rates are still pretty good...they are running a promo right now.

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Originally Posted by can't wait! View Post
Amy, who is your TA? I just got some rates for my trip..these are all for 5 night, including transfers.

supersaver= $660 pp
deluxe garden view=$695
deluxe oceanview=$835

these are the least expensive, the prices go up from here. And remember these are for five nights, per person.
that seems about right...just a few dollars more than the rates i have...

ie. your super saver rate comes to about $244 per night
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This brings back such bad memories... and regrets (loss of $)


Last January 2007, it was 2600$ per person (with plane from Montreal) for the 1st week of December 2007. We couldn't afford it (us being a family of 4 + wanting to be there for 2 weeks)... Every month and week , prices changed (alot) FOR THE SAME PERIOD OF TIME!


When a hotel starts to get too full,prices usually go up !


In August, prices went down to 1300 $ !/ 1 week 1900$ 2 weeks!!!!!! Right after I booked, for way more, a week beforeshots.gif


Just so you understand better, my brother paid 2100$ for 1 week (supersaver rate/deluxe room) and my cousin 1279$ for the same room just because he waited a few weeks!


My tip, go on the wed site (Sunquest, Air Canada...) EVERY DAY ! Once you see the price go down take note of it and book once it starts to go up again.


For me, August was the best time for my guests to book. It might not be the same this year... As for room rate only, I paid 240 $ for the room of my photographer + assistant (so for 2 guests), one day I saw the rate go down to 185$ for the room / max 2 people. I booked with expedia.ca for that single night room


I reserved in July, as well as my parent s + in-laws + brother since we wanted to make sure we got a room there! My other guests prefered me taking a look at the Air Canada site until prices went down, if the hotel would of been booked, they would of stayed elsewhere+ pay for a day pass on my wedding day . Lucky for us, we were all together + upgraded to Dreams Suites!


Pm me if you have any questions

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Thanks everyone! it was the room rate fluctuation that got me. I hadn't even asked her to price the airlines this go around. i just couldn't understand how room rates could change so much. This all helps. THANKS. I dont see why we can't get those rates in the 240s if you all did. THANK YOU!

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You can always try another agent. Sometimes one agent isn't looking properly and another one who knows more or spends more time can find something different. That happened to me, somebody at selloffvacations said "if it says product not available that means it's sold out" whereas somebody at itravel2000 actaully took the time to call Air Canada Vacations to see and found the package, and was even able to put together connector air flights that wasn't showing online, for much cheaper than another agent had told me.


My guests each paid 1500$ per person for one week with flight and transfers, from Ottawa. The guests from Halifax paid 1600. This are package prices with Air Canada Vacations. I had been watching the price for a while, and it was a few hundred higher for the rest of March and April, for some reason the week we are going was less expensive which is why we chose that week (we booked only 2.5 months in advance, so the pricing varies a lot depending on departure day. We even saved 200$ by leaving thursday instead of saturday). For my parents from Winnipeg it was going to be 2300$ so they are just flying from Ottawa with us and bought their own flights from Winnipeg - Ottawa for 350$ with air canada (so 1500$+350$). So it's less convenient, but way cheaper than booking the whole package directly with air canada.


I found these prices myself by checking the selloffvacations and itravel2000 websites. I tried working with a couple agents who were getting me group quotes but they were always 200-400$ more expensive per person that what I was finding on those websites!!!

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