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I changed my username - bye bye Mrs.B 2008....

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YAY! I just mentioned it in another random thread where I noticed you had changed your name. I like it - it feels more "personal!" It was weird when I changed my name from my former initials to "AnnR" (I tried for just Ann, but it was taken). I normally like to remain somewhat anonymous (another word I can't spell!) when in public forums, but oh well! It's not like there aren't a million AnnRs out there! Oh, and the picture kind of gives it away anyway! lol Funny how all (or most?) of the mods have all ended up going to some version of their real names as usernames!

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Originally Posted by yari2566 View Post
Cool, but why did you change it?

there have been like 40 new Mrs.B something, future Mrs.B, etc -i just figured why not use my name? also - i think Ann is on to something with all the Mods using their names - Shelley used to be BeachBride - funny!
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yes I changed mine from Future Mrs Hull to Christine a long time ago. I think all the mods have their names and I think that's a good thing. It helps new members see us as people they can ask questions about and other such things.

Yeah for Alyssa! Plus now when we type your name we won't always get the smilie face.

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