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EdenH Real Arena Brides Post Here!

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#291 Jodi

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    Posted 23 January 2009 - 12:26 PM

    I am in the beginning stages of planning my wedding for Feb of 2010 at the EdenH. If anyone has any suggestions for me that would be great. I was looking at having a private reception does anyone know the cost? What is the cost of music?
    Jodi Hackett

    #292 lrfriendly

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      Posted 23 January 2009 - 05:36 PM

      I too am at the beginning stages of a wedding at the NH Real. I have a wedding date of Thursday November 5, 2009!! WHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      33 Booked!!

      #293 Jodi

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        Posted 26 January 2009 - 09:25 PM

        I am getting married at the EdenH in Feb 2010 if anyone has any information abou tthe resort I would love to hear it. Does anyone have any pictures of the decorations, flowers, etc. How much does it cost for extra people to attend the ceremony I would love help planning.
        Jodi Hackett

        #294 metravel

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          Posted 27 January 2009 - 10:19 AM

          Hi Jodi,

          Go to page 30, I have post my review there complete with picture.
          Irma Yanti's Photos - Weddign Celebration3 | Facebook
          Irma Yanti's Photos - Professionnel photographes | Facebook
          Irma Yanti's Photos - Wedding Celebration2 | Facebook
          Irma Yanti's Photos - Wedding Celebration1 | Facebook


          The cost for extra chair is $3.50 each, cake $5 each person and campagne $10/ botol. Flower and decoration (gazebo) $350 but worth the $$.

          The hotel and the beach very nice, the food not that bad but out of 17 people only 4 didn't get any diarrhea and trew up. could be from something else not to sure as we all did got Hep A and B injection just incase. Bring lots of pestobismo and bug spray. Make sure ask your guess to order the food in advance if you have the reception in alacarte restaurant to avoid dissaster (our wedding got ruin in the end by the waitress at Sense). Make sure to tell Ana or Elizabeth not to let the DJ gone before your first dance or you will dance only in your balcony.

          Anymore info let me know

          Good luck

          #295 Becksy

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            Posted 29 January 2009 - 05:34 PM

            I just got back from my wedding at EdenH (wedding was on January 13th, we got back on January 24th). All I can say is that everything was perfect!!!! The resort is beautiful, the staff are so nice and the wedding... it was like a dream.

            I'll do a better review this weekend, but quickly... We chose the Traditional Wedding package on the beach for 27 guests. We didn't pay for extra chairs, flowers, campagne or decorations for the ceremony set up and loved the simplicity of what we had. They do have a sound system which you do not have the pay for (good thing it was windy the day we got married). We chose to have our reception at the buffet and we are soooo glad we did. They set us up on the terrace outside of the buffet and they had decorated it very tastefully. We were able to close the doors so no one would bother us.

            We stayed two weeks. First week is when we got married and second week was just for my new husband and I to relax together... alone (so glad we did this).

            I was a little sad when we had to leave because I was leaving the fantasy behind, but then I started to think about the new fantasy we were about to start and I got happy again.

            Please let me know if you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer. I will do a better review and post pictures this weekend.
            Erin & MartinEdenH Real ArenaPunta Cana, Dominican Republic January 13, 2009http://i67.photobuck....stloser4x1.jpghttp://tickers.Ticke....f487/event.png

            #296 marisacastro

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              Posted 04 February 2009 - 01:32 AM

              Originally Posted by metravel
              Hi All,

              I am back from EdenH as promise I post pic and review.

              Elizabeth was great but you got to make sure to go trough with her with what you want on the wedding. My hubby want to have blue flower on the wedding but since very impossible to find blue flower in PC, the florist decided to spray some of the flower with blue paint, and it is look good.

              Since at noon the sun is very strong, we decided to sign all the paper work at noon with the judge, and have the ceremony at 4:00 pm and Mike Bryan was perform the ceremony.
              Funny….story we will always remember. My Hubby and his best man forgot the wedding rings, and they cant find it everywhere. I end up wearing my mother in-law ring and he wore his dad ring. After the picture and toast, I went to the room and the ring still in it place where he put it so we have good laugh at it lol.

              I took the Tradional Wedding package so is only for 10 people of cake, chair and champagne. The extra cake $5 per person, chair $3.50 per chair and champagne is $10 bottle. If you like gazebo extra $350 but worth the $$ to add.

              We were supposed to have our first dance on the beach but the DJ already left so make sure to tell Elizabeth not to let them go before you finish. We end up dancing in our balcony with tear in our eyes with the music from our laptop and regret having the wedding day ruin in the end.

              For reception in alacrate with no extra charge if you and your guess are under 25 people. Make sure you ask Elizabeth to see the restaurant, and tell her where you and the guess want to be seat it. Otherwise you and the guess are not seated together (this my mistake not seeing the restaurant first and Elizabeth not offering either). See the menu and ask your guess in advance what they would like to order or you will not get your order right as the server are very limited English or French.

              We chose Sense Restaurant (French) which is not French food at all. The decoration are very nice. The food are good too (steak, fish and chicken). Everyone get their order with 1 guess getting wrong order but was sort it out by the server. My order always coming late, and have to asked twice for my appetiser and soup. Since it is our wedding my hubby and I decided to order lobster, even though we have to pay extra $29 for each. But the server kept coming back with wrong order, even though we ask them more then 6 times even show them what we order just in case they don’t understand what we want. After more then 2 hours we gave up with our order and I told them I will cut my cake. since everyone want to eat their dessert but they won’t let me cut my cake and told us the food is coming in 2 minute as they been telling us for many times. After long hours finally our order is coming but with 1 order. My hubby was very upset as his not felling good so he asked me to go. I end up getting frustrated and walk out crying with our daughter. Everyone was so upset with them. The Manager offer us romantic dinner for 2 as if that will make everything go away.

              The next day Mike Bryan offer us to have dinner with anything we would like to order with our guess (17 of us) but was to windy that night and my hubby running with fever and diarrhea he cant even walk and getting up until the next day. We went to the buffet and cut our cake 1 days after the wedding (thanks God no one sick from the cake from as that cake from yesterday). Anything they offer will not fix the damage they made, the wedding is done and it ruin in the end.

              Thanks to the Resort photographer (Versace I think that his name), he took very nice picture. At least we have that to remember also.

              Anything you want to know please let me know.

              Irma and Michel

              Pic: Irma Yanti's Photos - Professionnel photographes | Facebook
              Irma Yanti's Photos - Wedding Celebration2 | Facebook
              Irma Yanti's Photos - Wedding Celebration1 | Facebook
              Irma - Did you pay extra for the flowers used in your wedding? I noticed your chairs, huppa and bouquet all coordinated in color and flowers. Did you pay extra for that or was that included with the package you selected? Thanks!

              #297 metravel

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                Posted 05 February 2009 - 09:36 AM


                I paid $350 extra for the gazebo and the flower, but the flower at the table I think is included in traditional package. Just tell Elizabeth or Anna what you want, they will try their best.

                Good luck on your upcoming wedding.


                #298 SunnysideDerson

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                  Posted 08 February 2009 - 12:42 AM

                  Does anyone know if premium liquor is available just for the night of the wedding? I have some guests that just want it for that night.

                  #299 gofeden

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                    Posted 09 February 2009 - 09:06 AM

                    Originally Posted by SunnysideDerson
                    Does anyone know if premium liquor is available just for the night of the wedding? I have some guests that just want it for that night.
                    We bought premium alcohol at the Duty Free shop in the airport and brought our own. There is a supermarket that you can cab to as well (El Nacional). The best way to save on premium liquor is to bring your own. Hope that helps.
                    Jelena and Bojan
                    January 3, 2009

                    #300 SunnysideDerson

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                      Posted 09 February 2009 - 09:34 PM

                      Great idea! Thanks for the info.

                      Next question
                      Are you guys picking the flowers first, then picking the colors for your wedding, or the opposite? I seem to be stuck on picking my colors.

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