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Site Visit 2marrow Dreams cancun..Who needs what??

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We decided to do to dreams cancun 2marrow for 2 night 3 days and would like to know what anyone needs from down there what pictures you would like taken questions to ask claudia etc etc sorry it was short notice but we just booked it so we will try to get what you need i will read this right before we go and print out a list we leave at 4 am estern time

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Oh my gosh, I have a lot of questions but I can't think of them!! I am most concerned about what the club terrace looks like. I have only seen pictures of a long table set up there so I can't get a feel for what it is really like, how big it is, where people will dance. How far away from the bar is it? I also am interested in knowing how big some of the restaurants are. People on the forum who have been there can probably answer that but I haven't seen it anywhere. Just curious on that one in case we want to do a welcome dinner or something along those lines with as many of our guests as possible but don't want to take over the entire restaurant and annoy other guests. I will have about 45 guests or so.


Thanks for posting this offer! We will ALL want to see the answers to the questions that you go there with. Two people in our wedding party will be there while you are, Matt and Krystal from Portland. I know the chances are slim but it's a small world and they are super fun and will definitely be where ever the alcohol is!


Have soooo much fun, I am equally happy and jealous! This is how I feel about the weather in Portland right now: smile27.gif

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