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Bahamas - On Location Advice

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Hey guys,


I have a wedding scheduled for later this year in the Bahamas. I'm the photographer. We're going to be shooting near/at the Atlantis for the ceremony, but I'll also be doing an engagement style shoot before the wedding.


Does anyone have any advice on a quiet or less touristy place I can take the couple that's not too far from the Atlantis?

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Hi Aaron,

I will be getting married in May at Compass Point Resort in Nassau,Bahamas. My fiance and picked this place because the area is less crowed/touristy.. It's about 10 minutes fron Nassau airport and about 30 minutes away from Atlantis. It's also close to Love Beach.


Hope this helps...



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When I was looking for wedding locations I noticed "The Cloisters", beautiful setting but very expensive to book a wedding there. However, maybe you can do some picutres there, it's on the same island and I remember passing it from Atlantis to our wedding location. (maybe 5 minutes)


Here is some quick info on it: The Cloisters Nassau Bahamas


Good luck!

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