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band vs. dj

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I'm trying to decide on a band vs. a dj. If I pick band, the WC said her music contact is trustworthy but that the band does not provide demos, so I'd just have to trust that they are good. My mom is tempted to fly down and hear them perform somewhere, because there is nothing worse than bad musicians! However, there is something fun and energizing about live music, which would be great. If I pick DJ, then we can have a bigger variety of music, including hip-hop and more current dance music, which is a plus on the other side. I'm pretty torn. I could also pick the band, and then have an ipod for any extra songs the band can't play, but that could get odd perhaps, b/c people might not dance during the ipod portion. Decisions decisions!

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If you are torn then I also say try to do both. Just book the band for a limited time and transition into the dj or ipod.


We did our own music because it was important to us to hear specific songs, and we tend to like B sides better than singles so we didn't want to rely on the dj to have (or try to get) this stuff.

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