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Something Blue - How cute!

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Wow, those are totally cute & different. Hmmm...$25 buckshuh.gif I'm not sure if I would get them. Maybe if it were a set with a tank top included I wouldn't mind. But I guess its the thought/idea that makes them more appealing. Under normal circumstances, I don't think I'd get them, but as a bride-to-be I say if you want them, go for it. It's your wedding, it's all about you!!! How can anyone dispute special purchases? LOL

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Those are soooooo cute. I love that they look comfy but still pretty with the lace. Also because they are boyshorts, you won't be pickin' you butt all day in your big fancy weddin' dress wink.gif

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Originally Posted by amy&andy08 View Post
Those are adorable. You can also order cute skivvies from CustomizedGirl - Custom T-Shirt Design

I got my boyshorts there for my BD pics and they turned out super cute.
I also got my boyshorts at custmized girl, they were cheap and timely. I wore these undies under my wedding dress, so comfy. On the back I put Just Married.
Click the image to open in full size.
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