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Down to the Wire!! Need help finding resort in RM! Please!!!

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Okay, so I am now really down to the wire & have my fiance's family; as well, as my own asking constantly where & when our wedding is happening. We were deciding between Cabo & RM...and have FINALLY decided for sure on RM. We can't wait! Now, its finding a great resort...


We are thinking were going to have @ 50 people there (maybe more) and it will be mostly adults, but my fiance does have 2 little sisters ages 10 & 13, so we'll need a resort that allows them to attend.


So all in all, I could use some of your wonderful advice (personal, instead of deciding from internet pictures) on some recommendations or resorts that you all loved! Also, I would love to hear the negatives too, so I am prepared. I greatly appreciate it & hope to have a resort picked & to start contacting them within next week to week & a half!!!


Thank you ladies in advace! smile03.gif



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There are so many great resorts in RM.


So you need a good family resort that allows kids.

Tell us more....do you want to get married on the beach, under a gazebo or in a chapel?


I chose Dreams Tulum because the beach is beautiful and we want to marry on the beach so this was perfect for us! The resort is beautiful and I've heard many great things on this forum from the brides married there.

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there are so so many resorts in the MR, it's difficult to make recommendations. If you like the idea of a huge resort complex with tons of choices (these often have little trams to help you get around since it can be a far walk) you can try the palladium resorts, the bahia principe resorts, or the barcelo resorts. Try to find out more of your decision factors, the only one you listed is that it can't be adult's only. Do you want a resort that offers free wedding packages? (the dreams resorts do) Do you want a resort with a golf course? (Moon Palace has one). Do you want a resort with a disco? Do you want to be close to nightlife? (if so pick something in or near playa del carmen). Do you want to be not too far from the airport, if so pick something in the northern end of the MR (Moon Palace and Paradisus are 2 that I think of).


check out the spreadsheet I just posted in another thread http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t14821 it might help you make a decision.

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