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It's official!!! We're engaged!!!

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It happened after work yesterday, we were discussing wedding plans and such.. I had JUST received confirmation from the WC yesterday morning that our wedding is reserved at the Grand Riviera Princess for 08/08/08. We were discussing the wedding party, he hasn't asked his groomsmen yet and he said that he didn't want to ask them until it's "official", and I said "Anytime's a good time!!" regarding making it official!!! haha.. So we've been throwing around the idea of getting our papers signed here at home first and then having the renewal of vows ceremony at the DW instead of the civic ceremony (to save on paperwork, translations, blood tests, etc).. And he showed me the calender and pointed out what day he wanted to get our papers signed on (which just so happens to be on his birthday). We've been planning our DW for months now, I've bought my wedding gown and everything, selected my BM's, notified our parents, etc.. But still no ring and no proposal!! So in my mind, I'm thinking "is this his way of proposing to me?" But no.. Anyway we're going over wedding plans, he's hugging me and kissing me as we're in the computer room, then he gets me to close my eyes and tells me he has a surprise for me. Then I open my eyes to see him holding open a ring box from Blue Nile, with this big grin on his face!! So I hug him and kiss him, and hug him some more.. and wait... and nothing... So i said "Do you have something to ask me?" lol!! And he replies "I'm so nervous!!" so I hug him some more.. and he proceeds to ask "Will you do the honor of taking my hand in marriage?" and I'm like "OF COURSE!!!!" and throw my arms around him....... And he says "I've been meaning to give this to you earlier.. but it just arrived from FedEx today".. Awww!! So sweet!!!!



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