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Hello.........I'm new


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I am starting my wedding planning. We are trying for late fall or winter of 2008 and Punta Cana is the location of our choice.

We are interested in fining a resort that will accommodate our catholic wedding ceremony and a reception on the beach or any other beautiful location.

Has anyone planned a catholic wedding in Punta Cana? I would love to hear from you or anyone with helpful hints.


Thank you,smile03.gif


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Hi Anna. Welcome to the forum. When I first started planning our DW, the Dominican Republic was our first choice. We really wanted to be married at the Catholic Church at Casa De Campo in La Romana (about an hour from Punta Cana). Unfortunately that didn't work out for many reasons but it is a beautiful place. You should check it out.

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Hi there and welcome!

I am a Punta Cana bride as well.

You can def have a Catholic wedding in PC but not on the beach. They will not allow it due to it not being "decent" (they prefer it indoors or in a gazebo). Ask your wedding coordinator to send you the list of requirements for a catholic wedding (your priest has to get with the Punta Cana priest with something -a document- allowing you to marry in PC).

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