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photographer- anyone use Lidya Solemidt??


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Originally Posted by DreaW View Post
hi Next time please look in the search area of the forum and type in her name.
Here is a thread I found when I did this. (it is from her) and also you could PM her.
Thank you
I did do this and I did contact her but I was looking to hear from someone that actually used her! She seemed very nice and got back to me but I wanted to hear from someone on here who has met her personally and used her for thier wedding......blush2.gif
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Not sure how old this thread is but I used Lidya as my photographer in Riviera Maya on March 18th and she was awesome. I received the CD already in the US and was very satisfied with her work and she is reasonably priced. She was nice to deal with and brought an assistant to help. I would recommend her to anyone.



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Shelley you should post a thread of your wedding pics


Several girls have looked at using Lidya, including myself, but haven't heard from anyone who used her. Many of the girls are hestitant to use her cause they haven't heard any reviews or seen the work she did for them.


Also do a review of your wedding that way when someone searches for Lidya your review will pop up and they can take a look, it may actually really help out Lidya!

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