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Does your face get Red when drinking?


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My face gets really red when I drink more than two drinks (as you can see in the picture). It does not happen everytime but it does occur often. I get blotchy on my neck and face, does anyone have this problem? I have tested certain alcohols and it happens with just about everything (wine, liquor, beer). muscle.gif

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ME TOO! I get super blotchy on my chest. Not so much my face. My mom said it's because I'm allergic to alcohol but that's just her wishful thinking. She hates alcohol, but I partake in a beverage or two. I usually start getting flushed after a couple and then everyone laughs at me.


This also happens when I'm angry, sad, embarrassed or any time of emotion really. It's like a mood indicator. Totally sucks especially at work. Someone can piss me off and I try to keep a poker face but Bam! my chest turns blotchy and everyone knows I'm mad.


I had to wear a high necked shirt for my speech class in college. It was embarrassing.

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well you dont have to be asian im saying to have that happen haha. i was saying asians typically have the problem genetically. i just remembered them talking about it in my class that they typically missed the certain enzyme . im sure it happens in alll sorts of races. i know my dads nose gets a little red when he drinks and he is as swedish as swedish gets wink.gif

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You mean "asian glow" Jean Marcus hehe.


Not to bore anyone but if you're interested:

You have enzymes called aldehyde dehydrogenase which is suppose to break down the alcohol. Others too but mainly Asians lack some of this or all of it and it accumulates in the body causing flushing "redness".


I'm guessing you're turning red b/c you don't have a lot of this type of enzyme or its just not working fast enough.


I've been pretty lucky I don't get too red when I drink but I get sleepy (no fun!)

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