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Okay. So my fiance isn't all there sometimes and well last evening I asked him if he had gotten his GM gifts yet and he says "No... I decided not to get them anything". So of course I have a freak out session because I am being extra nice to my BMs since they have paid all this money to be at our wedding and he has decided to just not get anything for the guys!

So, I decided if he isn't going to do it, I'm going to have to do it. I have a few obstacles though... #1 we leave for Mexico in 10 days, #2 It can't be anything I order off the internet because there is a good possibility I wouldn't recieve it in time, and #3 It is going to have to be something reasonably cheap because money is extremely tight now...

So if anyone has any ideas please let me know! Thanks shots.gif

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Originally Posted by carlymcmullen View Post
Oh jeez. What is wrong with men sometimes? How about going out and getting thema nice watch? That's always a good gift for a man. Waht is your price range??
I have no idea what is wrong with these men sometimes!
Watch is a good idea.. I really don't want to spend over $50/person.. I know that sounds cheap but money is EXTREMELY tight with us. We've had to pay for everything for the wedding (neither of our families have chipped in at all) so it has been a bit of a struggle for us..
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Oh good, and if all else fails, the local alcohol (like Cuervo or Sauza Hornitos) idea is great, you could shop for cute woven bags or something to present each of them in, to make it look nice and to add some Mexican flair.

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