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Making the Band on MTV...who watches?


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I missed season 1 but I've caught all the rest. I'm old so it's kind of embarrassing...hehe...but I was so amped to see that a new season started!


Danity Kane vs. the guys (do they have a name yet?) vs. Donnie


It makes for great t.v., even my husband watches so it must not be all bad!


Any other fans?

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Yes, another fan!!


I've heard the rumors too and I wouldn't be surprised, she really puts herself out there like that. I'm not hating, just calling it like I see it..lol I wonder what they cut out when Diddy asked her to stay in the meeting and had everyone leave (even the producers)?


This season looks to be full of drama and I love it! I'm kind of pulling for the guys right now. They are talented and hungry (and cute!), but we'll see. Diddy was not pleased with them on episode 1!


And the Aubrey-Donnie thing was cracking us up! I can't wait for the episode when she confronts him with the other chick....classic!

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